CGHS Beneficiaries can view the history of medicine issued to them


To view history of Medicines issued to you follow the steps given below:

1. open url

2. In the window opened click on button ‘Beneficiary Details’

3. Click on button ‘Login with Beneficiary ID

4. In the window opened click on button ‘Register Here

5. In the window opened enter the details and click on button ‘Register

a) In case the details entered are matching with data in

CGHS Data base a system generated one time ‘pass word‘ will be

sent to the registered mobile phone by SMS

b) If , there is a message “details for selected beneficiary not found

Please check the details entered or contact CMO i/c of CGHS Wellness Centre for correction of Data / Mobile Phone number in the Data base

6. Once the pass word is received, go back to Beneficiary sign in page and login using password

7.Click on button ‘Beneficiary Medical History‘ and view details

source : CGHS

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