As the announcement of Dearness Allowance for January 2015 was delayed by the central government, there is no much expectation over rate of dearness allowance from July 2015 as of now.

But the AICPIN points for 9 Months were released to date. Hence the expected DA from July 2015 can however be arrived with assuming remaining three months AICPIN Points. Because there will not be any un expected increase or decrease to this prevailing trend.

This is the first time the NFIR also informed its affiliates its prediction over expected DA from July 2015. In its letter posted in the website, it claimed that the expected DA from July 2015 will be 118%. See the Article.

So the first time gservants team came forward and designed a calculator to calculate the expected DA from July 2015 by readers themselves. According to the AICPIN –IW points released by Labour Bureau every month, the rate of dearness Allowance is arrived by using prescribed formula.

In this calculator AICPIN points upto March 2015 have been entered. The AICPIN Points for Remaining Three Months ie  April, May and June 2015 have to be entered in the space provided in this calculator. Since the balance three months AICPIN are not available now, approximate AICPIN points range from 252 to 256 can be used in place of April , May and June 2015 to calculate expected DA from 1st July 2015 approximately. The AICPIN Points for June 2015 will be released by the end of July 2015. If all the AICPIN points upto June 2015 released by Labour Bureau are entered in this calculator you will get exact rate of Dearness Allowance to be paid from July 2015 to all central government employees.

The fluctuation in AICPIN Points between 254 to 256 for the forth coming three months will take the Expected DA from 118% to 119% for the months starting from July 2015.

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