Guidelines for printing and issue of CGHS Plastic Card

Guidelines regarding printing and issue of CGHS Plastic Card

F.No. FTS 1127429/2015
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Dte. General of CGHS
Ofice of the Director,
CGHS Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi

Dated the 8th June 2015


Subject- Guidelines regarding printing and issue of Plastic Card- regarding

The issue regarding pendency of issue of CGHS plastic cards has been reviewed by the competent authority and with a view to clear the pendency expeditiously, it has now been decided that:

1. The work of Updating/ Uploading of the Data for plastic cards shall hereinafter be outsourced to two private agencies, viz., M/s Synapse Solutions Private Ltd., and M/s Madras Security Printers Pvt.Ltd., which are already engaged for printing of plastic cards through NICSI. The work order for Data entry has been issued directly to the agencies at the existing rate contracts for this purpose in order to avoid delays in completion of formalities with NICSI and submitting work orders through NICSI.

If felt required, CGHS authorities in cities may deploy local agencies to get the data uploading done at the same NICSI approved rate contract.

2. CGHS has already issued work order directly to the empanelled private agencies to print CGHS plastic cards at the existing rates as per the contract with NICSI( copy enclosed).

3. Plastic Cards shall hereinafter be distributed directly through concerned CGHS Wellness Centre in order to avoid crowding at the CGHS administrative offices and possible misplacing of the cards when sent through speed post. The concerned CGHS wellness centres and CGHS authority would provide wide publicity of this system so as to avoid keeping the cards in the wellness centres unnecessarily. The centres would keep an authenticated record of the cards received, issued and pending for issue. Every week this report should be sent to the CGHS authority of the city. CGHS wellness centres would take extra effort to contact the beneficiaries about the receipt of the CGHS Plastic cards. Lists must be kept in the notice boards prominently for every body’s notice. The cards must be issued to the beneficiaries after verifying the authenticities of the receiver of the cards. CGHS authority would upload the information of printing of CGHS cards and dispatch details in the website on regular basis.

4. CMO I/Cs would motivate the CGHS beneficiaries to link their database to the Aadhar number by logging in to the CGHS database. The in-charges are also required to enter the Aadhar numbers whenever possible. The CMO i/c of CGHS Wellness Centres shall be responsible to link the CGHS database to Aadhar numbers of beneficiaries.

5. Printout of CGHS Index Card, which shall be valid for availing all CGHS facilities including investigations I treatment from empanelled diagnostic centres and hospitals till Plastic cards are issued through the CGHS wellness centre. In addition all the empanelled private hospitals and the laboratories shall continue to provide medical facility at CGHS terms and conditions to the CGHS Beneficiaries irrespective of the printed date of validity in their plastic cards. However, they shall verify the validity of the card in the CGHS database at the link – and extend the investigation /treatment facilities.

6. A copy of this OM shall be displayed prominently in the notice board at CGHS Wellness Centres.

7. These instructions are valid till further orders.

This issues with the approval of competent authority and concurrence of IFD vide FTS Rl27429 dated 3/6/2015


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