Expected Date for Submission of 7th Pay Commission Report and its important recommendations

Expected Date for Submission of 7th Pay Commission Report and its important recommendations- Sources

           As the 7th pay Commission itself declared that the work of compilation and finalization of the report is underway, it is the time for expecting the date on which the report will be submitted after it is finalized. The stipulated time for submitting the report is 18 months from the date of notification issued. In a resolution dated 28th February, 2014, Government of India has appointed the Seventh Central Pay Commission comprising Justice Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur as Chairman, Shri Vivek Rae as full time Member, Dr. Ratin Roy as part time Member and Smt. Meena Agarwal as Secretary

          The 7th pay commission has been given 18 months’ time from date of its constitution to make its recommendation. Hence the tentative date for submission of Report will be 30th August 2015.

         The sources close to the 7th Pay Commission, on the condition of anonymity told that the 7th pay Commission Report is almost finalized and the Report is expected to be submitted on or before 14th August 2015. The Leaders representing one of the railway federations in the staff side also confirmed this news.

 According to the Sources the important Points of the Pay Commission’s Recommendations are ..

1. There will be no running Pay band and Grade Pay System
2. The uniform multiplication factor for arriving revised pay will be 2.86
3. The Pay scales will be open ended to avoid stagnation in the scales
4. The Minimum Pay will be Rs. 21000
5. The CCA will be separated into two components as it was in the fifth CPC
6. Percentage of HRA will remain same.
7. The Criteria for retirement age will be either completion of 33 Years of service or at the age of  60  Years whichever is earlier.
8. CGEGIS  Insurance Coverage and Monthly premium  will be increased
9. Classification of Posts will be Modified
10. The 7th Pay Commission recommendation will be implemented with effects from 1.1.2016.

         Further ,the sources told that the Committee of Secretaries will be appointed to study the report and analyze the financial implications upon implementation of 7th pay commission recommendation.  An ally of NCJCM Staff Side told that the Staff Side also will be invited by the third week of September 2015 by this Committee before giving its final nod for approval for this Recommendation.

          It appears that after  three decades the Pay Commission recommendations will come into force on the first day of its due date. Retrospective effect will not be required for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendation, since the notification for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations might be issued on or before 1.1.2016.  So there will be no financial burden for government on spending for payment of Arrears to this effect.

        It is indeed very good news for entire central and some State government employees community. There are expectations on its peak over 7th pay commission recommendation. Whether the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendation fulfill their expectations or not?.  Let’s hope, by the time of next month, everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

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41 thoughts on “Expected Date for Submission of 7th Pay Commission Report and its important recommendations”

  1. Pension Should be 60% at age 60, 70% at age 70,80% at sge 80, 90% at age 90 and 100% at age 100


  3. It was the BJP run govt of Mr.Vajyapee who enhanced the retirement age from 58 to 60 years in the month of May’ 1998. The reasons for that were that the Govt. was running short of funds and the higher rank Officers were not completing 33 years of qualifying service for becoming eligible for full pension. Again, with the BJP led Govt. this time Mr. Modi has something different in store for Govt. servants. On one side, where it is seen that with the retirement of employees at the age of 60 years, the same employees are re-employed as Consultants back in the same Departments on the plea of shortage of staff. It is not understood as to how the Govt. will tackle when about 30% of the employees who will be completing 33 years of service will retire on a single day. There is no backup plan of Govt.

    The reasons for reducing the retirement age is not understood. Whether the Govt. plans to extend jobs to the young blood or it wants to create more burden on the families of those whose jobs will be reduced by 4-5 years due to tag of 33 years. The Govt, should visualise that a Govt. servant always plans for his future keeping in view his length of service into account. Mere reducing the age is going to bring lot of problems to those who have a huge liability at back.

    I am a Kashmiri Migrant, who has migrated from Kashmir owing to Militancy and presently rehabiliated myself in Delhi. BJP Govt. has announced a lot of packages and plans for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Migrants, but till date nothing concrete has been done except announcement. I lost my everying in Kashmir and now with the reduction in age, I will loose my 6 years of service which I had not expected,.

    I request that BJP Govt. should realise the problems of Kashmiri Migrants who are hardly making there both ends meet in other parts of the Country and treating themselves as Refugees in their own country, the reduction of age is likely to create more problems for their rehablitation in future.

    I request BJP Govt. to withdraw their plan of reducing the retirement age i.e, 33 years of service/58 yearss of age, as it is going to bring lot of problems to the affected employees.

    With regards


  4. The retirement after the completion of 33 years or at the completion of 60 years of age is not a good recommendation at all, keeping in view that more than 30% posts in almost every govt. organization are vacant, and also it will create a lot of problems for many of the govt. servants who have completed 33 years of service, but haven’t made any future plan thinking that they will retire at 60 yrs.

    However, this may be implemented for the govt. servants who have joined the service after the year 2000, as they would have still enough years of service left. But, I would recommend it to increase to at least 35 years of completion of service, not 33 years. 33 years is too less.

    My father joined at the age of 18 years in the govt service, and so I ask the govt. why the hell you recruited him at that early age ??? Shit this govt. I am currently also in govt service, but still my salary is one third of my father’s, so how the hell I am going to manage the house, do all the rest needful works, as we have not planned for this shit of this shit govt. I am regretting voting for this BJP led govt.

    I hope, the govt. would not approve this, or else I am sure this is for the last time BJP would be in power, and of course there will be a lot of strikes & protests, I am sure of that. The govt. itself will suffer.

    The younger generation would have zero experience in any of the govt. sector, and believe me, without some help from some old experienced person, its just not possible to work in any govt. office, no matter how much qualification you have got.

    By the way, why the hell this shit govt. is not filling up the 30% vacancies left in the govt. sector OR reduce the age back to 58 years. Simple as that. This 33 years of retirement or at 60 years will only benefit the higher class of govt. servants, the exact opposite India currently need. The higher class should get retired at 51 or 52 years of service, as they can get recruited elsewhere, not the lower class, who won’t find anything, if they get retirement. Did we voted this BJP to see this day. I am never voting BJP again, if somehow they would manage to approve this, but I wish & hope & have faith & trust that they wouldn’t.

    Please govt.,
    I hope the govt disapprove/cancel the retirement at 33 years completion or at the age of 60 years, whichever is earlier.

    Thank You.

  5. Being a central govt. official I support the recommendation of central Govt/7 th CPC. for retirement after 33yrs service/ 60 yrs of age which one come early, if they are ready to compensate the rest of the service by paying extra benefit, My question is, in some central govt. organization like prof/lecturer of Central Univ and UGC, Scientist of ICAR under ministry of Agriculture etc. who are enjoying the retirement age of 62 years, is it will be applicable to them also ? The young people are more capable and energetic and as per pay vacancy will be 1:2.

  6. Lingaraj Ghanto

    I think Govt’s decision to make 33 yrs of service for retirement is OKAY.But I do suggest ,the pay hike in the 7th Pay commission should be 5 times the existing basic instead of 2.84. The retirement benefits should also be hiked 7 to 8 times .that means , If he or she will retire will get an hefty compensation amount and can deposit in SBI Monthly income scheme , he can meet his/her further expenditures in the years to come and no problem will be there and young ones also will get the job opportunities.

  7. Namrata Nanda

    its an awful decision , if tomorrow my father retired and I get a job an very next moment , how would I be able to provide financial help to my family. my father joined at the age of 18 and help his brothers to study sisters to get married now his family will suffer because of this idiotic decision. its simply a plan to grab more money by govt that’s it. If this rule come in function then all the politicians should also get retired am sure many young political students also need scope to proceed

  8. Praveen Kumar

    My dad joined in railway at the age of 18. He completes his 33 yrs years of service by 01.01.2016.
    My dad is an excellent hard worker and he had not taken a single day leave continuously for ten years…and he was awarded too…
    Is this his fate to get retired? for being an excellent hard worker that too in govt job…
    I don’t know how certain people say that “leave way for youngsters?” They even dont know the pain of others people….
    Even though I am an youngster, I have never thought such idiotic thinking’s….
    My only way of thinking is working harder to get money and not by pushing others into deeps valleys….

    My only request for youngsters is try to be a hard and smart worker to work in your life and please don’t give a comment that leave way for youngster…

    If you are real youngster and thinking about india’s growth… think about 2G scam and how various minister’s are eating our money and not even paying regular taxes..
    Try to change India thought in upcoming generations

  9. I think deciding authorities don’t know that a person joined service at the age of 18, as per there recommendation the same person will retire at the age of 51.I think IAS who enter in service at at the age of @ 30 who will serve till the age of 60, so no effect on this category.

  10. New policy of retirement is acceptable as it leads opportunities to others who wish to seek job in govt. For the same salary a senior gets 3 to 4 young and energetic staff will enter the service by which govt indirectly suuports 3 to 4 families instead of one. This also benefits to the govt by more appreciation from the youngsters. I’m s senior govt official.

  11. My father joined a government office at the age of 18. Being an honest employee, we have lived a simple and humble life. With this ridiculous and idiotic recommendation of 33 years service, my father has been coming back home with a tense face everyday. He had to join office at a young age to due to family problems. Is that his fault?
    And for those who are talking about how this move will create job opportunity. FYI, there are several posts vacant in hundreds of offices even today. Why is the government not organising a mass recruitment drive for it? Looks like they are only interested in saving money and kicking out people, so that the next lot can be filled by signing up on internship or contract basis, which is happening even today. Shame!
    After serving the country for so many years, with hard work and complete commitment, this is what my father gets? It’s worst than sacking. And what about our family? Where will we go?
    This move is absolutely ridiculous and should be strongly opposed by one and all. I request all of you!

  12. biney kumar singh

    60 yrs or 33 yrs service hone per yadi retire ker diya jata hai to Sarkar ko karamchari kai pariyar ke one person ko retirement ke next day ko appoint karna chahayai ta ki uska pariyar mai koi problem na ho

  13. It is good 60 or 33 years of service , as logic provided by some experienced and talented employees geting retired but I think ratio will be 1:4

  14. I agree for such a strong step taken by the Govt. to implement retiremet from service for tthose employees who had completed 33 years of service or age 60 whichever is less. Atleast new young people will get the job who are on waiting list since long.

  15. Reducing retirement age to 33 year is ridiculos.. Many talented and experience employee retired when they can give maximum of his or her potential.. Can it apply this for political leaders too.?

  16. The roumers of retirement of CG employees is disasterous and strongly opposed. The govt will face a negative image if this is implemented. At age of 53-54 any employee will be yet to complete his responsibilities. If he retires what will be his fate. Pl. dont allow such recommendations.

  17. as a govt employee i will strongly recommend to 33years of service or 60years of age so that new comer can get govt job.

  18. Don’t ever cry. Pave way for youngsters by getting retired on attaining 33 years of service. After certain age, most of the individuals become a liability and not an asset to the Government. There is bright future for the Government if it is going to implement the policy of 33 years of service for retirement.

  19. I support the recommendations of 7th Pay commission on retirement age of Central Government Employees. It will create spaces of employment for the million educated, talented, energetic and honesty youth of India. The lethargic old govt employees have show the exit door. This idea will go long way in achieving to goal of digital India with 10 GDP Growth.

  20. Ram Avtar Parashar

    Criteria for retirement (33 years service) is not justified because the person who enters job at an early age because of his intellect will suffer

  21. As per the likely recommendation of 7th CPC, if a person joined the service at the age between 20-25 years, he will retire between 53-58 years. Is it the age for retirement? Definitely not!! Many young people here are commenting that early retirement at 53-59 years of age will create jobs for them. It is not a creation of jobs, but it is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. With the increase in life expectancy, the retirement age all over the world is increasing, including India where the retirement age of Govt. employees has been increased twice – from 55 to 58 years and from 58 to 60 years.

    India aspires to be a developed country but no developed country in the world has the retirement below 60 years of age for its Govt. employees. On the contrary, the tendency all over the world is to increase the retirement age with increase in life expectancy and between 2004-14, the life expectancy in India has increased by 5 years. Therefore, reducing the retirement age is not justified if we go by the trend around the world.

    It is interesting to note that only three countries in the world – Turkey, Indonesia and Nepal – have retirement age at 58 years and below, while most of other countries have retirement for their Govt. employees at 60 years or more. Don’t young people in these countries need employment? Does their Govt. reduce the retirement age of present Govt. employees to eliminate the problem of unemployment? The answer is, no.

    Take the example of Spain where one out of 4 youth is unemployed i.e. 25% unemployment, but Spain has not reduced retirement age of its Govt. employees to give the impression of creating jobs and their retirement age remains at 65 years. India definitely does not face such a bad situation like Spain where unemployment is 25%. Then why such a drastic step to give the impression of creating jobs by rendering its already employed employees unemployed?

    If retirement age is indeed reduced by the govt. to 53-59 years, India will have the dubiois distinction of being the only country in the world to retire its Govt. employees even at 53 years of age surpassing Nepal and Indonesia and behind only Turkey.

    Our Prime Minister has been working very hard and has been successful in projecting the image of India in the world as the soon-to-be-a-developed country , but this image will suffer a setback if, by reducing the retirement age to as low as 53 years, India is made to be next only to Turkey where the retirement age is 45 years, the lowest in the world. Even in Pakistan the retirement age of Govt. servants was increased from 60 to 62 years, while life expectancy there is lower (67.39 years) than in India (68.13 years). Pakistan increased the retirement age despite having a higher unemployment rate (5.37) than India (3.72).

    It is hoped that it is only a rumour, but if 7th CPC indeed recommends the criteria for retirement as 33/60, it is expected it will back such a recommendation with a rationale behind it. Merely the reason for creation of jobs behind this recommendation will not be fair as no other country does so – not even Pakistan! Govt. should not accept this recommendation.

  22. Criteria for considering 33 years or 60 years whichever is earlier is ridiculous. Being appointed at the age of 20 years, I may retire by 53 years. My children may still be studying. This is ignoring talented people, who get job at very young age. After 53 we may neither be fit for any private job nor able to survive on meagre pension. Government may not consider this. Reducing age to 58 years is better than this.

  23. It is great recommendations by committee specially regarding the retirement age i.e. 33 yrs of service or 60 yrs of age which ever is earlier. It will give chance to the new generation which is technically updated and sound. Hope everybody is agree.

  24. venkateswarlu

    The proposal of retirement on basis of 58 year/33years is good news for unemployed educated youths. As far as existing employees concerned, please prepare mentally for retirement. I request hon. Modiji that please provide alternative work for these retired government employees in PPP.

  25. P S B SASTRY

    The proposal for retirement by commpletion of 33 Years of service or at the age of 60 Years whichever is earlier is disasterous. I joined at the age of 21 and will retire by 24.09.2015. People who have joined at very young age have more experienced and knowledgable. In fact all the SAG level officers are rely on them only. I have two daughters studying M.Sc.(Final) and B.Com 2nd Year. How can I complete their education and marriage if I retire leaving 6 years of service. My pension may be around 25000 only. No Govt. employee will get job in private sector after retirement. Our plans are disturbed. It is a shocking news. Hope Govt will consider this proposal for new recruitments w.e.f. 1.1.2016 but not retrospectively those who have completed 33 years of service.
    NDA only increased retirement age from 58 to 60 years that time this condition would have been imposed. I was victim because I lost promotion due to increase at that time. The same NDA now likely to consider back stabbing Govt. employees.

  26. I am completing 33 years of service on dec 2015.I am completing 60 years on june 2019.still three and half years service left.I joined govt service at the age 23 years after completing M.sc ,putting hard work i am group officer since 6 years and waiting to get some promotion ,now if they say you retire before pay commission date 01.01.2016,i do not know which type of people are making this type of rumors,i got shocked ,please kindly clarify somebody ,i am not getting sleep ,i have interest to work, i have commitments to complete


    If the Minimum pay as suggested by NCJCM using the Dr.Arkyord Formula, i.e, Rs.26,000/- is not accepted, then it is better not to hike even a single pie.
    At the same time, revert back the salaries hiked for the MPs back to the salaries they used to get as on 1st January,2006.
    We are ready to lose our hike, can MPs do the same.
    Let the budget as allocated in FY. 2006-07 be the same.
    We are not begging for salaries.

  28. I have joined to a central government service at the age of 20 yrs. If the retirement service of 33 years is implemented I would get retired at the age of 53 yrs. This is totally a wrong criterion. Government should reject any such proposals. I have seen Minister’s statements that retirement age will not be reduced. They should maintain at 60 yrs, may be for scientists they should increase to 62 yrs.

  29. Retirement criteria of 33 yrs of service or 60 yrs of age is illogical. Suppose a person enters govt service at the age of 19-20 (18 being the minimum age limit), should he retire just at the age of 52-53 years!

  30. presently classification of posts are as under:
    1. Gazetted or non-gazetted
    2. Group A /B/C/d
    3. Based on grade pay
    4. based on pay band
    5.scientific, technical, administrative, auxilliary
    6. cadre and non-cadre
    7. direct rercuitee or promottee.
    8. normal promoted or MACP promoted.
    9. all india service or civilian service
    10. industrial or non-indusrial

    many unclassified publicly by various departments exists. what pay commission wants to reform. whether these type of many classifications is under purview of paycommission or not???

  31. to make parity2.86 is calculated excluding gp inother words,5200*2.63 and7000*2.19

  32. I got appointed at the age of 23 yrs and 11 months. Is it the fault of mine to get selected at such an early age. This is ignoring the talent.

  33. Monoranjan mandal

    What will be the fate of those who have completed 35 years of service just now at the age of 56 years and still 4 years to arrive 60 years.

  34. Really a very commendable decision of previous UPA Govt to appoint/ constitute pay commission well in time to make it possible to implement t7th pay commission from its due date.
    We must acknowledge it.

  35. The multiplication factor of 7th CPC report mentioned above is 2.86 of basic pay. The basic pay is included of pay + grade pay. The multiplication factor of 2.86 is included of grade pay or without grade pay.

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