The News on 7th CPC Recommendations has begun to emerge- View point of 7th pay commission news

The News on 7th CPC Recommendations and its Pay matrix construction is mostly discussed and expected

Yesterday gservants has posted an Article on 7th pay commission Recommendation and format of new pay Matrix structure. One of the central government employees news website has posted its views especially about this article..which is given below

The recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission have slowly started to make their way to the media in the form of unconfirmed news. The information that was being extensively discussed by all for more than a week now has finally made it to the websites yesterday.

It has now been confirmed that the 7th Pay Commission will submit is report to the Government next month. With the report being given a final shape, certain pieces of information have already started to hit the media. Some of the workable recommendations of the commission are out.

In 2006, a number of such unconfirmed reports surfaced, when the 6th Pay Commission report was being prepared, because the report was not submitted to the government on time. Due to the delay, there was tremendous curiosity to find out what the report contained. This led to a lot of rumors. Since the internet didn’t become that popular in those days, those rumors were hard to believe. Most of them were circulated by word of mouth.

Now, despite the fact that there are plenty of news sources, since it has become possible to trace the point of origin of the information, such rumors have reduced. This time around, the information was given by the leaders of Federations. Yet, one can neither completely accept them as true, nor dismiss them as entirely false.

Since the government and the major employees federations have their own websites, it has become possible for the information to spread to the corners of the world within minutes. Also, retracts and denials too have become equally fast, thus killing the rumours immediately. With a number of other individual websites and blogs too covering the news about Central Government employees, the readers are now able to differentiate between news and rumours.

There is nothing surprising or shocking in the news reports that have now surfaced. A minimum basic pay of Rs.21,000 is an expected one. The recently released Kerala Pay Commission too has recommended the minimum wage at Rs.17,000 (from 01.01.2014 onwards). The National Council has demanded that it be Rs.26,000 per month.

It is a well known fact that the Grade Pay System had been a source of constant irritation. The dual Hierarchy System (Promotional hierarchy and Grade Pay hierarchy) will come to an end. There will not be any more confusion about the promotions that come through MACP.

The Multiplication Factor of 2.86 does sound very low. NC JCM had pressurized the Pay Commission to fix it at 3.7. The 6th Pay Commission had fixed it at 1.86, and also given Grade Pay. Since the DA now stands at 125% (including July 2015 and January 2016), this could end up being substantial.

Information about retirement is unexpected. Unconfirmed reports claim that the 7th Pay Commission is planning to recommend 33 years in service or the age of 60 (whichever comes early) as the criteria for superannuation. Since the recommendations will be implemented from 01.01.2016 onwards, many are likely to get affected.

And also some key messages revolving about the recommendations are…
There will be no running Pay band and Grade Pay System. The Pay scales will be open ended to avoid stagnation in the scales. The CCA will be separated into two components as it was in the 5th Pay Commission. CGEGIS Insurance Coverage and Monthly premium will be increased. Classification of Posts will be Modified and the 7th Pay Commission recommendation will be implemented with effects from 1.1.2016

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5 thoughts on “The News on 7th CPC Recommendations has begun to emerge- View point of 7th pay commission news”

  1. Honorary captain& commissioned captain there is a big gap in pension.honorary capt basic pension is 16145/& comssioned capt is rupees 25500/ so it is very anxious for the honorary rank.this rank is awarded by highest suprem commander of defence.we should get one rank one pension.we served in acting rank Lt/ capt as rewarded on republic day& indepndence we request 7th pay commission authority please keep minimise gap insame rank at least24000 rupees basic pension of hon. Captain must be.e

  2. Kajal Kumar Mandal

    It has been noticed from various unconfirmed sources that the 7th Pay Commission is planning to recommend 33 years of service or the age of 60 (whichever is earliest) as the criteria for retirement of an Central Govt. servant. If the 7th CPC recommends the 33 years criteria and govt. accepts it then it may be a great injustice to the employees who joined their services before attaining the age of 27 years. Retirement criteria is generally on the ability,efficiency,mental & physical stability of the employee at the certain age of a particular country. Therefor, the length of service should not be a criteria for retirement. For example if an employee joined his service at the age of 21 or 22 for various reasons ( may be under compulsion ) then he is to retire at the age of 54 or 55 but in case of employee of ages 27 or 28 he will retire at 60. So, it is nothing but a social & economic disparity to an employee who joined service in early age. On the other hand, the politicians or parliamentarians of India are working very nicely for the country at the age of 70,80 even above 80 and they are also getting salaries & other allowances as admissible from the Govt. of India. If it is implemented it may create a negative feelings on the employees who will be compelled to retire before attaining the age of 60 years. Moreover, this will not suffice the unemployment problems to a large extent rather it may create so many social & economic problems to the said employee who are not ready for that situation at all.

  3. simanta gogoi

    I want to know about the minimum retirment turm/year is for paramilitary forcn.a ct is how mush year will be survey government to compte his retirement .


    The Telangana and AP Govts have given 43 percent hike to state Govt emplyees.Their pay commission is once in 5 years.Therefore the central Govt employees deserve 86 percent hike in the 7th CPC.

  5. Chandidas Banerjee

    what about pensioners…i am retired on 31st march.2015..i am very anxious about my b.p was 16010/
    please let me know about my pension…and others (
    if any )

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