On line Issuance of Clearance Certificate and No Demand Certificate to a Govt. Servant

Clearance Certificate and No Demand Certificate against quarter(s) allotted to a Govt. Servant can be issued through On Line

Directorate of Estates
Estate Office
Ministry of Urban Development

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated 2nd September, 2015.

Office Memorandum

Subject : On line Issuance of ‘Clearance Certificate’ and ‘No Demand Certificate’ against quarter(s) allotted to a Govt. Servant.

With the introduction of facility for on line submission and processing of request for issuance of No Demand Certificate /Clearance Certificate duly forwarded by Administration of the office in which the allottee is working, the practice of receiving physical application forms in the Directorate should be stopped by all allotment sections of Directorate of Estates with immediate effect. They may direct the allottees to avail online facility for expeditious settlement of request for Clearance Certificate and No Dues Certificate as the case may be. The procedure for on line submission of request for Clearance Certificate/No Dues Certificate should be on analogous lines of on line submission of DE II form by allottees.

2. Once the application form is received in the portal e-Awas of Directorate of Estates, the allottee shall be able to track the status of his/her request. It is therefore enjoined upon all the allotment sections that they may take all necessary steps to get the request disposed off within a reasonable time. In all pending applications already in the sections which have been processed in file but NDC not issued, the form is to be filled by section and NDC/Clearance Certificate to be generated from online system only. This procedure has to be effective from 02.09.2015.

This issues with the approval of Director of Estates I.

(Lakshman Dubruwal)
Deputy Director of Estates (Rent)

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