Pay fixation for the Post where its Grade Pay Upgraded by Seventh CPC

7th Pay Commission has provided an illustrative example for the for the Purpose of Pay fixation in cases where the particular Grade Pay has been recommended to be Upgraded to the next higher Level in New Pay Matrix

Pay fixation for the Post where its Grade Pay Upgraded by Seventh CPC

In this case How the revised pay should be calculated has been described below..

‘….Suppose, Ms. ABC, who is presently drawing a Basic Pay of ₹12,560 in GP 2400 (10160+2400), is upgraded to GP 2800 as a result of Seventh CPC’s recommendations.

Then the fitment will be in two steps:

1. The new basic pay will be computed using the upgraded grade pay. The pay arrived will be as follows: Basic Pay: 10160+2800=12,960.

2. Then this value will be multiplied by a factor of 2.57 and then rounded-off to the nearest Rupee.
In this case 12960 x 2.57 = 33,307.20, which will be rounded-off to ₹33,307.

She will then be placed in the Pay Matrix in the Level corresponding to her upgraded Grade Pay, i.e. GP 2800 (Level 5 in this case) in a cell either equal to or next higher to ₹33,307.

In this case, her salary will be fixed at ₹33,900.

Pay fixation for the Grade Pay Upgraded by Seventh CPC
Pay fixation for the Post where its Grade Pay Upgraded by Seventh CPC

7th CPC recommendation for Pay Fixation on Promotion / MACP

When we get promotion or MACP , one increment and the differance between exisiting Grade Pay and Promotional grade pay would be granted on account of Pay Fixation in the Pre revised Pay. We used two get one increment and the amount of Grade Pay  difference as the benefit of Promotion.
But 7th Pay Commission recommended merely …[ Continue Reading ]

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  1. Bureaucrats are DASTARDS. For many years Civil Accounts Staff are asking for pay parity. These DASTARDS are denying it. They will go to hell and there will be no one to offer them water at theri last meoment.

  2. I have retired in August 2004 How do i calculate my revised pension.please help.

  3. pankaj Kumar

    Very dull 7th c.p.c,and no any aspects from modi government.Is this the very good days for all centre gov’t employees ?????


    Very disappointed discussion of NJCA for deffer strike .,….,……..I am troubled……

  5. I am drawing a pay of 10120 + 2400 promoted to 9300-20200 scale in feb 2016 what is pay calculation

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    Satisfied but medical facilitiesare denied to pensioners holding cghs card living in non CGHS cities

  7. bhushan kumar, Seceratory ,non guzzted employee fadration of jharkhand state

    we are not satisfied from 7pay commission report on scale structure and other recommendation of cabinet desiccation . there are vast gape between lower pay and higher pay recommended by 7 cpc

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