7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator

Latest 7th pay commission arrears calculator 2016 for CG Employees

Until now it is not clear that when will the notification be issued for implementation of pay panel report.

But so far three months have been crossed from the due date, accordingly the calculator is designed to calculate the arrears for three months from January 2016 to March 2016. Total and Month wise arrears details will be shown in the calculator.

How to calculate the 7th CPC Arrears in this calculator..?

1. Your sixth CPC pay particulars are need to be entered in the appropriate space provided in the calculator.

2.Enter Calculate tab

3.your Pay and Allowances of Sixth CPC will be shown below.

4.Seventh CPC pay and Allowances and the amount of Arrears for three Months according to the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission are displayed in the Calculator.

Note : 119% of DA is Calculated for the three Months (January to March 2016) in Pre Revised Sixth CPC scale and Revised Rate of Allowance is not counted for Revised Pay for the Purpose of Arrears

The Answers displayed in the calculator is based on the input given by the Readers and calculated according to the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission.

Disclaimer: The calculator provided on this website is general in nature and does not constitute financial and legal advice and is provided for information purposes only.
Note : Clarifications if any needed please refer the Report of 7th Pay Commission

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  1. Mathew Malayil

    A great decision for the 2006 Pre pensioners for revising pension into 50% …. Thanks you very much..

  2. sunil adhikari

    nice website,in which we can get updated information through it.thanks sanjay sir and all team of seventh pay commission.

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