DOPT Consolidated guidelines for Technical Resignation

The Government Servants, while in service in a particular Department has been trying to go for a Job in another Ministry or Department  to get better Career Option. When he wants to apply for a Post in other Department has to get prior permission from his  parent Department to apply. The Application for appointment need to be forwarded by the Department to which the government servant attached with. There is some benefit for the government servants to get prior permission and get it allowed to forward through proper channel by his Department

If the Government servant allowed to forward the application through proper channel, he will be given the benefit of Past service rendered in previous Department after he gets appointment in the Post he applied for. In that case he has to resign from the previous Post to get this benefit by submitting application mentioning it as Technical Resignation. Whereas if the govt servant forget to mention it as Technical Resignation in his application, the DOPT opined that he cannot be denied this benefit.

Guidelines regarding Technical Resignation have been issued by DOPT time to time. It is now Decided by DOPT to further consolidate these instructions and clarify the related issues.

Click to see the DOPT’s Draft OM of Guidelines for Technical Resignation

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