Calculator for 7th CPC Arrears upto June 2016

Calculator for 7th CPC Arrears upto June 2016

The 7th CPC Arrears Calculator is prepared based on the recommendations of 7th Pay commission.

The Empowered committee yet to submit its report to cabinet. After the Approval of Cabinet to the final report, the calculator will be updated later to calculate the Pay and Arrears , changes if any in the 7th CPC revised pay .

Reports from various sources suggests that 7th pay Commission recommendation will get its approval for implementation in the end of this Month, and Gazatte Notification will be published in the first week of July 2016. So probably the 7th CPC revised salary for the month of July 2016 will be paid in 1st August.

Since the Pay  and Allowances will be revised with effect from 1st January 2016, 7th CPC Arrears upto June will be paid to all central government employees

Calculate your 7th Pay Commission Pay and Arrears through the Calculator provided below


Note : 125% of DA is Calculated in Pre Revised Sixth CPC scale and Revised Rate of Allowance is not counted for Revised Pay for the Purpose of Arrears

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Disclaimer: The calculator provided on this website is general in nature and does not constitute financial and legal advice and is provided for information purposes only.

Note : Clarifications if any needed please refer the Report of 7th Pay Commission

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6 thoughts on “Calculator for 7th CPC Arrears upto June 2016”

  1. Why the govt is wasting time instead clearly declare he is not interested in salary hike

    Acche din aagaye Now enjoy with tears

  2. ArupMukherjee.

    If the govt change the figures in pay matrix from present by adding 100 in every steps,both the empoyer and employee wiil be benefited.No.immediate financial pressure to govt and no future financial pressure to employee may be happend.At present it is just parallel to 3 % yearly should change.

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