Don’t jump into the conclusion that multiplication factor will not be increased

Don’t jump into the conclusion that multiplication factor will not be increased  – Confederation

Increasing of 7th CPC Fitment Factor is not under consideration of Central government, at present’ was the statement of Finance Minister in his written reply submitted to a Question in Parliament. The Secretary General to the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has responded positively to this latest development in 7th Pay Commission implementation. He posted his views in his blog and it is reproduced below..



Dear Comrades,

We are reproducing below the reply given by the Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley in the Rajya Sabha on 19-07-2016 —

The Finance Minister has made it clear that “the government is responsive to the concerns of the Employees’ Associations and it would be the endeavor of the Government to ensure that the eventuality of a strike does not arise.”

Regarding increasing of the multiplication factor, the Finance Minister replied that:

“no such proposal is under consideration of the Government, at present’

The assurance given to the NJCA leaders by the Group of Ministers (including Finance Minister) on 30-06-2016 is that enhancement in minimum pay and fitment factor (multiplication factor) will be considered favourably by the Government, once the proposal in this regard is submitted to Government by the proposed “High Level Committee” within four months. Hence, the matter will come for the “consideration” of the Govt. only after submission of the report by the High Level Committee.

In that sense, technically, the reply of the Finance Minister that “at present” there is no such proposal under consideration of the Government, may not be taken in a different manner and we need not jump into the conclusion that multiplication factor will not be increased.

However, giving due importance to the concerns expressed by many of our comrades and grass-root level leaders, the NJCA will discuss this issue shortly and take appropriate decision. NJCA is keenly observing the move of the Govt. and any going back from the assurances given by the Group of Ministers or any betrayal of 33 lakhs Central Govt. Employees and 40 lakhs pensioners by the NDA Govt., shall result in revival of the deferred strike by the NJCA and Government will be solely responsible for all consequences.

Secretary General

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3 thoughts on “Don’t jump into the conclusion that multiplication factor will not be increased”

  1. Mahesh Sharrma

    Agree with the Statement of Federation. You are right but the question here is whether the promised High Level Committees have been constituted by Governmet ? Who are the members ? What are the terms of reference to consder ? Any formal orders issued ? When will they start working so that the four months period could begin ! Lets wait .

  2. There is clearly mentioned about fitment factor. There is no consideration. But still somebody is keeping hope… then It obviously can’t prevent me to laugh…!!!

  3. It is sure High level committee will do as per direction of FM as done earlier committee.and we will not get any more.It is dirty lingering on receive of Govt.The strike should have not been deferred and it was the only way and time to mold Govt trick.

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