Anomalies Committees will be set up by DOPT

The Central Government has assured in Gazette Notification issued today that Anomaly Committee will be set up to look into the matters of anomaly arising out of implementation of 7th pay Commission.

Anomalies Committees will be set up by DOPT

7th CPC Notification regarding setting up of Anomaly committee

Anomalies Committees will be set up by Department of Personnel and Training to examine individual, post-specific and cadre-specific anomalies arising out of implementation of the recommendations of the Commission

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3 thoughts on “Anomalies Committees will be set up by DOPT”

  1. LR
    The fact that pensioners are neglected lot by the present govt would sure to send wrong signals the family members of the ex. Govt servants who are the pensioners now deserve to get better treatment by invoking option-1 of 7th CPC. It should not be forgotten by the future pensioners, appointed before 2004.

  2. Fuldeep Singh

    I am highlighting one anomaly in 7th Pay commission which is that a person who is drawing 9260/- (Pay7360+GP1900) getting TPA 1800 (800+DA@125%). As per recommendation of 7th pay commission, the same person will get TPA 900+DA in Level-2 which is lose to Rs. 1000/- PM initially after set up of recommendation. Since the committee has been constituted for review of Allowance and same will be finalized after four months, therefore I would request that such anomaly may please put in the observations of said committee.

  3. Amirthalingam

    When will the notification for cg pensioners issued please.

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