7th CPC DA calculation should give same benefit of Sixth CPC

7th CPC DA calculation

An interesting point is raised by Mr. Alpesh on 7th CPC DA calculation as it is not giving the DA benefit we supposed to get from sixth CPC

A Comparison of current DA vs 7th Pay Commission DA

As per this current DA calculator

6th pay DA would be 7% and

7th pay DA is 2% from July onwards.

Now if we see this figures logically there is great disappointment. We actually can’t get 7th pay DA hike at least same as currently available system of 6th pay DA hike.

7th pay commission has raised basic pay with Multiplication factor 2.57.

Then logically DA revision pattern would also be such as which at least should maintain equivalency of 2.57 factor.

For example…

If one’s Basic pay in 6th CPC is Rs. 20000, So with fitment factor of 2.57 his Basic Pay in 7th pay will be 51400.

So as per DA calculator,  7% DA rise on 6th CPC Basic Pay will be Rs.1400 .

      2% DA rise on 7th CPC Basic Pay  will be 1028.

So current applicable DA system is clearly failing to maintain the parity between 6th pay and 7th pay consideration.

In order to achieve this balance either DA Calculation system or 7th pay fitment factor should be amended.

Suppose if  we think fitment factor should be amended to maintain the parity in DA Rates between Sixth and 7th CPC, then the should be such basic to be fixed so as give its 2% value as Rs. 1400.

Thus, the 7th CPC Basic Pay to be revised as Rs. 70000 instead of Rs. 51400.

And to arrive 70000 as basic Pay, the fitment factor should be revised to  3.5…!!!

If this issue is not considered timely then employee will suffer for upcoming 10 years.

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13 thoughts on “7th CPC DA calculation should give same benefit of Sixth CPC”


    We pensioners.No notification for pension payment order yet issued by MOF.Hence we are unable to give comments about DAs. Sorry.

  2. There is no change in calculation of D.A in 7th Pay commission, it is same as in 6th PAY commission. Fraction was always ignoered and rounded off in all D.A . anouncements made after every 6 months.It is welcome & good step if rectified in favour of employees.

  3. If the rounding of figure 2.9 to be taken as 2.0. Then this way empolyee loses its 0.9 %. Here there should be revision in rounding pattern. It should be like if decimal figure crosses 0.5 mark then to be rounded off as next 1 and if decimal figure can not cross 0.5 then it should be rounded to previous 1.

    If current system is allowed them at the end of last year of Pay Revision period slowly slowly employee is losing DA part around 10-15 %. And this lost part is also creating further loss in upcoming pay revision consideration…!!!

    Think suppose same happended in sixth to seventh pay transform. Such six monthly cut short (rounding loss) if we accumulate and total ten year of Pay Revision period might have been 140 instead of 125… then we all could have something realistic pay revision i.e. 14.6 % increment on [basic + 140%DA].

  4. Someone says my comment is misleading. They say figure 2% DA is arrived by rounding figure 2.9%. Such negative rounding system can never be beneficial in future too… Think properly before justifying negative approach is being happened to Govt employees.

  5. Ram Prakash Kaushik

    Sir, definitely your suggestion is quite right and the DA formula for 7CPC must be revised to get DA money more than previous amountarrived at 7% on old rate.
    I say you have taken a wise and timely step to awaken the government.

  6. yes! the DA rates as suggested by most sites is 2% wef July 2016. It is required to be changed to get same benefits as we were getting by implementing 6th CPC DA formula. The govt. must consider this while revising the DA formula otherwise all its formalities of setting up High Level committee will be futile

  7. Comrades. Please look at Mr.Alpesh’s observation seriously. On DA calculation and act immediately to rectify the mistake I.e. 2%.

  8. After AICPN for June’s6 as 277 calculation for DA from July’16 is now calculable As per 6CPC it comes to 132.37 ie.7% whereas as per 7CPC will be 2.907 that is nearly 3% but fraction cannot be accounted it comes to 2%only .In next 6monthly period that will be adjusted. Have you ever raised such cry in past when .98% was ignored .I treat your arguments misleading. sorry for my comments.

  9. Manohar LAL Goel

    Difference in d.a calculations for 6th& 7th pay commission is due to rounding of D.A for July 2016 which comes to as 2.9% instead of 2%. If we multiply 2.90×2.57 that come as 7.453 which is same as per 6th Pay Commission.

  10. Chandrakumar S

    There is indeed a monthly loss of more than Rs 300. This is due to the fact that actual DA due is (2.9%) is rounded to 2%. We may get more than VI CPC rate from Jan 2017.
    SC Kumau

  11. Bhaskaran kv

    Yes, a useless calculation methods adopted in 7th CPC , let the concerned authority open their mind, before implementing think about the anomalies

  12. DA after revision of pay as per 7th CPC should be atleast same if not increased. It is rightly pointed out. It should be taken up .

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