Inordinate delay in Announcing DA from July 2016

Why the DA from July 2016 is not announced yet..?

All the Central Government Employees wonder why there is so much delay in announcing the DA for July 2016, the first instalment of Dearness Allowance in 7th CPC.

The silence of the Federations in the DA issue is not understandable. The way the present Government deal with the issues related to central government Employees is unacceptable. But it seems that the Staff Associations lost its vigour to fight with the Government to settle the genuine issues pertaining to Central Government Employees.

Already the fate of the Allowances is not known. To Everyone’s Surprise, the Government is not ready to say anything about Dearness Allowance, as there is none to ask them about why the DA has not been announced. If the Federation know the reason for the delay of announcing the DA for July 2016, they bound to tell the CG Staffs the reason behind the inordinate delay.

Whether it is 3% or 2% whatever it may be , but DA announcement should be made in time. The morale of the employee should not be let down. Because low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity

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6 thoughts on “Inordinate delay in Announcing DA from July 2016”

  1. Govt is adopting delaying tactics in announcincing d a to employees. To day or tomorrow they have to give. It is almost delay of four months and the news is that they will announce before Deवाली and what is the guarantee that we get before or after Deepali. Govt is BEFOOLING its employees and pensioners

  2. Central government employees federation has lost its tempo to take up the genuine issues. It’s very unfortunate as well as unwarranted

  3. Here is a government which is totally insensitive to the employees’ issues….they think they can (mis)handle the employees and employees just can’t do anything about it….

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