Government should settle Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor issue -NFIR

Government should settle Minimum Wage issue

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
3, Chelmsford Road, New Dlehi – 110055

No.IV/NJCA(N)/20l4/Part II

Dated: 1-11-2016

Shri Narendra Modiji,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
Raisina Hill,
New Delhi-110011

Respected Sir,

Sub: Government’s assurance on 7th CPC issues mainly relating to Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor – reg.

I seek you valuable time through this letter and place the following for kind consideration and immediate action.

The Central Government employees in general and Railway employees in particular were extremely upset over the retrograde recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission, particularly the recommendations relating to Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor. In the wake of Indefinite Strike decision on Charter of demands of NC/JCM Constituent Organizations (Railways, Defence, Postal Confederation etc)., the Group of Ministers held meetings with JCM (Staff Side) leaders on 30th June 2016 & 06th July 2016 and consequently assurance was given that a High Level Committee will examine 7th CPC issues mainly Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor. On this assurance, JCM Constituent organizations have deferred Strike action on 06th July, 2016.

Though a Committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Addl. Secretary (Exp), Ministry of Finance and discussions held, the response has been disappointing. The employees of Railways and other Central Government departments are greatly disappointed over non-settlement of main issues through discussions.

May I request your kind attention in the matter for implementation of assurance given by Group of Ministers for the revision of Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor through discussions with NC/JCM (Staff Side) very early.

With Pranams,

Yours sincerely,
(Dr. M.Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source: NFIR

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2 thoughts on “Government should settle Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor issue -NFIR”

  1. R. Somasundaram

    The fitment formula of 2.57 granted by the Govt India for arriving at a new pension MOUNT is inadequate as actually the Pensioners were already in receipt of 2.25 as Pension and Relief in pension. Therefore the Govt India has granted only 0.32 increase in their original pension and RIP. It is a great disappointment to the pensioners as they find it very difficult to pull on the days in the high cost of living days. Further it cannot expected that all the pensioners do live in their own houses. Many of the pensioners are living in the rented houses and rent charges are very high in the cosmopolitan cities. Many pensioners will have no support from their kith and keens. Pensioners therefore expect that the Govt of India to come forward to grant 3.57 as fitment element to recon the increase in their pension instead of 2.57 which has been recently granted. And also the pensioners may kindly be granted House Rent Allowance Rs.3500/- irrespective of all pensioners. Further the Medical allowance should be increased to all pensioners as Rs.2000/- per month.
    Thanking you.

  2. The government is cheating the pensioners by dilly dallying the decision for option 1 for pensioners. Many pensioners stand to benefit by this.
    There is no, question of feasibility. I am a retired Group B officer,
    with a family of six, eking out a hand to mouth existence–added to
    this a bizzare TDS has been applied on my pension


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