LTC Claims-Avoid these Shortcomings

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers)



LTC Claims

1.Officers prefer LTC claims for journey by unauthorized modes viz own car, private buses/ own arrangement, which is not admissible.

2.Air-tickets are purchased for fare-basis other than LTC-80, which is on the higher side of entitlement of LTC-80 fare.

3.Do II to the effect of change of Home Town is not published

4 .Lack of knowledge of LTC Block-year. Block-year starts with odd year.

5.Boarding passes are not enclosed with the claims

6.Local journey charges for visiting local site of the station are claimed. LTC is admissible on Station Station basis.

7.LTC for parents is claimed for Clause of LTC in lieu of Home Town

8.LTC on Sick Leave Concession is not clearly mentioned

9.Air-tickets are purchased from unauthorized private travel agents/portals instead of concerned airlnes website orM/S Balmer Lawrie & CO and M/S Ashok Tours & Travels

10. Ink-signed copy of Min of Civ Avn relaxation sanction is not enclosed

11.Non-availability of Air-ticket is quoted as reason for travel by private Airline

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