Temporary Duty TA /DA Claims – Avoid these Shortcomings

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers)



Temporary Duty TA /DA Claims


1. Hotel bills without Regn No, TIN No, VAT No etc.

2. Package Hotel bills are submitted showing combined amount of Room-rent & Food charges. As per extant orders, bifurcation is audit requirement for admittance.

3. Non-drawl of Ration certificate is not found if ration not drawn

4 .Mess/ Hotel bill as well as DA is claimed which unnecessarily leads to disallowance in claims

5 . NAC for stay in Hotel is obtained at the fag end of the duty without following the principle of preferring Govt Guest houses, Mess, Circuit houses etc

6.Nominal Roll for detailment of course/ duty indicating name of officer not attached

7. Advance drawn is not indicated/ deducted by the officer on submission of Adjustment claim

8. Detention certificate is silent about the provision of free boarding & lodging

9. e-tickets if booked through Defence Travel System PCDA Travels portal, airfare is neither claimed nor deducted as advanced by the officer. As per accounting procedure and audit requirement airfare needs to be added in the claim as well as deducted as advance of TA by the officer in the claim

10.Ink-signed copy of Civ Avn relaxation sanction is not enclosed

11. RMA is claimed with the sanction under Rule 47(iii) TR istead of sanction under Rule 40 Note 2 TR issued by the competent Authority

12. Air-tickets are purchased from unauthorized private travel agents/portals instead of concerned airlines website or M/S Balmer Lawrie &CO and M/S Ashok Tours & Travels.


1.Posting order and movement order is not enclosed, instead intranet/ internet copy is enclosed, which is not acceptable in audit as mov auth

2.Car/ motorcycle/ scooter Regn Certificate book/copy is not enclosed leading to disallowance of conveyance charges

3.Allotment of Govt built accommodation letter at new duty station is not enclosed in support of claim for full baggage& conveyance increasing all round correspondence and delay

4.Line on conveyance of family, personal effects and personal vehicle sanction from the competent auth is not enclosed even if the stipulated lien period is over and conveyed after that period. Hence, sanction to that effect is an audit requirement to admit the conveyance charges.

5.Family details are not mentioned in the claims

6.Ink-signed copy of Min of Civ Avn/ Ministry of Defence (Finance) relaxation sanction is not enclosed

7.RMA charges for local journey to station/ airports and Daily Allowance for expenditure during transit/journey is claimed; the same is subsumed in Composite Transfer Grant w.e.f. 09/09/2008

8.Distance for cartage at both new and old duty stations is not mentioned claiming random amounts

9.Air-tickets are purchased from unauthorized private travel agents/ portals instead of concerned airlines website or M/S Balmer Lawrie & CO and M/S Ashok Tours & Travels.


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1 thought on “Temporary Duty TA /DA Claims – Avoid these Shortcomings”

  1. As per LTC rules, LTC can not be availed during the week end. In this regard can an employee avail LTC for himself and family for the Block year 2014-15 (extended upto 12/2016 ) in the week end of December 2016. The commencement of journey is 31.12.2016 (on sunday). The employee avail the leave in January ie from 1.1.2017. He has not avail any earned leave or other leave in the year 2016. Please clarify.
    Thanks and regards.

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