Railway Board to NFIR on Education Scholarship for Wards of Railway Employees

Enhancing the allocation of fund for Education Scholarship for Wards of Railway Employees



New Delhi, dated 27-01-2017

The General Secretary,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi.

Sub: Staff Benefit Fund – Amendment of provisions relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund – Chapter 8 of IREC Vol.I, 1985 Edition (Second Reprint Edition 2003) – Reg.

Ref: NFIR’s letters No.II/28/Part VI dated 01.08.2016 and 16.01.2017

The undersigned is directed to refer to your letters cited above. The item-wise comments are as under:-

Necessary amendment in the IREC in the matter of inclusion of corrigendum issued under Board’s letter dated 08.12.2014 has been issued as per ACS No.130 (Board’s letter No.E(W)2014/FU-1 dated 18.01.2017 (Copy enclosed).

As regards the NFIR’s request for enhancing the allocations against three heads of scholarships covering educational /technical education, attention is drawn to Board’s letter No.E(W)2008/FU-1/2 dated 29.01.2009 vide which the SBF Committees have been empowered to invoke the provision to re-appropriate upto 25% amongst the different Heads/activities except “Education, Sprots & Scouts activities”.

The intention for fixing the ceiling limit of upto Grade Pay 4600/- for grant to financial assistance in distress and sickness etc was that such financial assistance should be available to lower Grade Pay Staff. Moreover, consequent to implementation of 7th CPC recommendations, there is a substantial increase in the salaries of staff including the staff in the Grade Pay of above Rs.4600/- and does not require further revision in the existing provision.

In view of above foregoing, NFIR’s request is not feasible for acceptance for the time being.

For Secretary/Railway Board.

 Click to View the Railway Board Order   : Education Scholarship for Wards of Railway Employees

Source: NFIR

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