Sources Confirmed Allowance Committee Report Submitted

One of the NJCA leader, On Condition of Anonymity, told that the committee constituted to examine the allowance has finalized its reports and submitted it to the Government on 22nd February 2017.

Sources Confirmed Allowance Committee Report Submitted

On asking whether the NJCA knew the details of the committee report, he said that they were not provided with the committee report. But the committee has informed them that their demand on allowance would be considered favorably.

Hence it is expected the HRA will be retained in old rates (Sixth CPC rates) from the beginning itself and will be paid in 7th CPC Pay Scale when revised allowances come into effect. However, the news of revised allowances would be implemented with effect from 1.4.2017 is not reliable. NJCA will not accept this and clearly said that it should be implemented with effect from 1.1.2016 retrospectively.

X cities- 30%
Y cities- 20%
Z cities- 10%

Sources Confirmed Allowance Committee Report Submitted

Transport Allowance may be split into two elements as CCA and TA as it was paid in fifth CPC. The Rates will be delinked from DA and will Fixed in slab rates.

The Government will announce its decision over the committee report after the last phase of state elections ie after 8th March 2017.


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  1. Actually 7th pay commence date 1st Jan 2106, but given from July 2016, but still now no new hra and transport allowance, atleast govt not given what they said in 7th pay 16℅, and even 7th pay also just included out standing da into basic ,, there is no more than that, however employee doing their work calmly, but govt testing us ,, employees like us, those getting around 23000 per month, selling old earnings every month to meet expenses,,, even an auto driver or road side seller are earning more than us,,,,

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