Cabinet Decision on Allowances Committee Report after 11th March 2017

The Media reports suggests that the Allowance Committee has submitted its report on 22nd February 2017 to the Government. But the recommendation of the Allowance Committee is not yet made public. Positively the Government will announce its decision after the Last Phase of State Election.

Cabinet Decision on Allowances Committee Report

It is expected that Cabinet decision on Allowances will be announced only after 8th March 2017. Government need not to wait upto Election results ie on 11th March 2017. Karnataka COC, General Secretary has posted his views on this development in his blog



The media is debating that the allowances committee headed by Shri Ashok Lavasa Finance Secretary has submitted its report to the Hon’ble Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Ji on 22nd or not. Comrades as you aware that this committee period has expired on 22nd February 2017, the question is that even if it has submitted its report to the Hon’ble Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Ji, it is confidential document,  all media creation on the HRA rates are not be believed, the actual truth will be known only after the assembly elections results of five states which will be declared on March 11.

The past experience is that even if the committee decides positively the union cabinet had turn down the recommendations of the committee, hence speculation is not correct, only after the union cabinet approves the recommendations of the committee, the new orders is issued.

The main demands of the CG employees is retention of the rates of HRA and date of effect of allowances should be from 1st January 2016 and revision of rates of Transport allowances, OTA and NDA apart from retention of many of the allowances.

Comrades instead of speculation it would be better we focus on the 16th March 2017 strike, which would put pressure on the Central Government to yield to our charter of demands.

Comradely yours
General Secretary

Click to here Read : Allowance Committee report Submitted to Government


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