Information on HRA and Govt Accommodation sought by Allowance Committee

Information on HRA and Govt Accommodation

Office of the CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, palam, Delhi Cantt-10

No.AN/III/3012/Circular Vol-VII

Dated 03-03-2017


CsDA/CsFA (Fys)/IFAs
(Through CGDA Website)

Subject: Information on House Rent Allowance-regarding.

Please find enclosed copy of Min. of Defence, Deptt. of Expenditures, ID No.11-1/2016-IC/Pt.II dated 23.02.2017 on the subject received through MoD/D (Civ-I).

1. Ministry in their ID has stated that the committee on Allowances headed by the Finance Secretary and Secretary (Expenditure) has desired that the information relating to occupancy of Govt. Accommodation and the officers/officials HRA (not allotted Govt. accommodation) may be obtained.

2. The information in the following format has been sought for by the Ministry.

3. It is therefore, requested that the information on the format in respect of officers and staff working in your organization (including sub offices under your jurisdiction) may please be furnished on the E-mail [email protected] by 03.03.2017 to enable their HQrs. Office to render the compiled report to the Ministry.

Please accord top most priority.

(Mustaq Ahmad)

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