We will make every effort to Implement the Allowances before MCD Election – Cabinet Secretary

Brief of the meeting held with the Cabinet Secretary on 28.03.2017

We will make every effort to Implement the Allowances

Shiva Gopal Mishra

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Dated: March 30, 2017

All Constituents of the
NC/JCM(Staff Side)

Dear Comrades!

Sub: Brief of the meeting held with the Cabinet Secretary

I met the Cabinet Secretary on 28th March, 2017 and shown anguish about the inordinate delay in resolution of long pending demands of the Central Government Employees, and subsequently handed him over a letter on the subject matter on the next day.

The Cabinet Secretary given us assurance that, he is already pursuing these issues, and though there had been some delay in finalization of the allowances, report of the Committee on Pension has already been submitted to the Cabinet, NPS Committee is already on its job and we would try to resolve the pending issues within a short period.

He also expressed his apprehension that, MCD elections may result in some delay, but at the same time, he assured that, as soon as he gets report of the Committee on Allowances, that will immediately be forwarded to the Cabinet, and after approval of the Cabinet, if need be, we would take necessary permission from the Election Commission.

This is for your information.

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

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7 thoughts on “We will make every effort to Implement the Allowances before MCD Election – Cabinet Secretary”

  1. RBKV Ramanan, Advocate

    No news about dearness allowance for pensioners we’f 01 jan 2017. Does it have anything with MCD election?

  2. Dear kamaraju. . This is not true. From july-2017, next 7th cpc DA will be only 1%. If this trend of aicpin points continues,then next january-18 DA could be nothing.

  3. It is clear employee’s leaders have been won over by gov and nothing will happen reg allowances. Same elements are responsible for compromising the interest of workers reg fitment formula .Take it from me that DA will increase only by one or two percent now on as the statistics are gov controlled.

  4. Stivan J Alva

    The revised allowances to CG employees are a million dollar question. On the process of fooling its employees probably the government itself might have forgotten the answer. As per the statement of Cabinet Secretary during the meeting with JCM, he is ready to seek permission of EC if the report submitted. It means that election of five state Assemblies was not the reason for the delay and similarly MCD election also may not delay it. If the 7th CPC can work out about the pay related issues of entire CG employees within the time limit, then why can’t this committee? As per the news report government saved more than 33,000 crores of rupees in 15 months by delaying the revised allowances. Perhaps the Government is in the mood of big savings.

    Initially this Allowance Committee was given the time of four months to complete the task. Then due to demonetisation, its term extended up to 22nd Feb and informally we were made to understand that the election code of conduct is preventing it till the completion of poll process of five state Assemblies. Finally government answered the question in Parliament; it agreed that report of Allowance Committee hasn’t been submitted the report. All these days the government has ignored the National Council (Staff Side), JCM. If the government wants to revise the allowances it can make the arrangements within a fortnight. Otherwise, there are reasons over reasons to delay it and every month we will be fooled even after April…

  5. hope government will implement after next loksabha elections till then goodbey.

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