Notional Pay and Pension Calculator as Per New Formulation

Notional Pay and Pension Calculator as Per New Formulation

Notional Pay and Pension Calculator is prepared as per New Formulation for revising of Pension.  The DoPPW has issued Order for revising Pension under new Formulation proposed by the Committee headed by Secretary, Department of Pension Pensioners’ Welfare, which was appointed to examine the feasibility of 1st Option recommended by 7th CPC. The Committee also opined that the 1st Option recommended by 7th CPC is not feasible to implement. Hence it has proposed an alternate method of calculation of Pension based on arriving Notional Pay in 7th Pay Commission. So that discrepancy if any in Pension Fixation may be avoided.

This will be done by notional pay fixation under each intervening Pay Commission based on the Formula for revision of pay. White fixing pay on notional basis, the pay fixation formulae approved by the Government and other relevant instructions on the subject in force at the relevant time shall be strictly followed.

The calculator provided below will help you to find the Notional pay and Basic Pension on Notional based on your Inputs in the relevant field. The amount of Pension arrived from Two formulations will be shown in the result page.

Calculating Basic Pension  based on Notional Pay is New Option I

The Option II [Fixed by multiplying with 2.57] is already implemented and Pension is paid accordingly with effect from 1.1.2016.

It has also been decided that higher of the two Formulations, shall be granted to pre-2016 central civil pensioners as revised pension w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

Click Here to Calculate – Notional Pay and Pension Calculator as per New Option I

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12 thoughts on “Notional Pay and Pension Calculator as Per New Formulation”

  1. The Basic Pension mentioned in this calculator is Before commutation. If it is Sixth CPC , the Basic pay on retirement is Pay in the Pay band + Grade Pay

  2. I see that venkat raised a pertinent point on May 17, but there is no reply until now [July 12]. Please clarify: does “Basic Pension on 1.1.2016” in the calculator mean Full Pension [before commutation] or Revised Pension [after commutation]? Again, does the “Basic Pay on retirement” include Grade Pay of 6th CPC, or does it not include?
    Please don’t leave our questions unanswered. Say something or the other.

  3. Rajagopal SV

    Notional pay fixing to pensioners is only to divert no benefit to begiven by this present govt. All twistings to avoid pensioners to get any benefit in their left out life.

  4. P.N.Vaidyanathan

    the fixation on notional pay is less than the pension already fixed.
    why confuse stating the deal is better compared to earlier fixation ?
    why not the original option 1 ?

    Is government afraid to implement the dame to avoid the wrath of the beaucrats ?

  5. Govt. never made any promises for the welfare of pensioners nor service employees. The Present govt. is against the all central pensioners and employees, Once again committee directed to do maximum injustice to pensioners by all means by adopting 3rd option relating formulas of 4th, 5 p.c,and 6th p.c and 7th p.c to reject 1st option approved by 7th p.c

  6. Govt. has issued orders on fixation of pension as per formulation 1 only on 12th May 2017. No outer date by which payment of arrears is to be effected is not mentioned and the authority who would be fixing the revised pension and calculation thereof is not clear. As this exercise varies from pensioner to pensioner, will the calculation be based on the information furnished by the pensioner is also not clear. Will the Government look into this aspect and issue further directives to the early benefit of the pensioner?

  7. Pradeep Rastogi

    Why Government straight away say that fixation will be at minimum of the pay scale of the corresponding scale vis a vis the scale from which one retired,

  8. In 5th CPC the basic Pay was fixed with increments due to a pensioner. Parity was maintained to a certain level. Even such fixation is also not considered.What is the problem in following the 5th CPC formula now also. Why the FM and Govt are beating around the bush? The Pension secretary himself suggested 5th CPC formula as 3rd option. Why the Govt is adamant and going back on it’s own promises to staff leaders? The frustration and anguish of CG and Defence employees are not good to the Govt. Going back on promises is treacherous in the eyes of employees and citizens of the country.

  9. last BASIC PAY drawn at the time of retirement in the pay scale or BASIC PENSION is to be filled in the calculator to find notional pension

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