Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner – To know the Difference between 6th CPC and 7th CPC

Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner – To know the Difference between 6th CPC and 7th CPC

We are in the process of Preparing Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner to know the amount of TA to be paid in 7th pay Commission.

In our previous Post, [ See ]We have brought one issue to the light that the Government Servants placed in Level 1 and Level 2 and Pay in PB equivalent to 7440 and above in Sixth CPC will be getting less amount of Transport Allowance in 7th CPC than 6th CPC.

Transport Allowance Rates in Sixth CPC

There were Five Grade pay Levels in PB-I ie Rs.1800, Rs.1900, Rs.2000 and Rs.2400 and Rs.2800 All these GPs were brought under one Group for Transport Allowance at Lower rate, subject to not exceeding Rs.7440 Pay in the Pay band

In Sixth CPC those who were in the category of GP below 4200 and Pay band below 7440 were entitled for TA only at the Rate of Rs.600+DA for A1/A cities and Rs.300+DA for other cities. But The sixth CPC had relaxed the condition for this Group to get Transport Allowance at the next higher rate of Rs.1600 for A1/A cities and Rs.800 for other cities. Those who Reached the Rs.7440 PB level and above were entitled for the above-mentioned rates.

Groups realigned for Higher TA rates

Now, the 7th CPC might have thought that there is no point in Keeping the GP 2000, GP 2400, GP 2800 Levels at Lower TA rate, as they would become entitled for next higher rate of Transport Allowance at the initial stage itself. So it was a wise decision to bring them into the Group that is eligible for Transport Allowance at the rate of Rs.3600 +DA [Higher TPTA Cities] and Rs.1800+DA [other Places] in 7th CPC.

But, though the lowest Two Grade Pay Levels (Pre-Revised Rs.1800 GP and 1900 GP) are made eligible for TA @ Rs.1350+DA [ Higher TPTA Cities] and Rs.900+DA [Other Places] in 7th CPC, there are cases that some Govt Servants those were in 1900 GP and crossed 7440  were drawing TA at the rate of 1600+DA in Sixth CPC. Now they will be entitled for TA at the rate of Rs.1350+DA in Seventh CPC.

Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner Coming soon

So it will be useful, if Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner for both Sixth CPC and 7th CPC for Pay in the Pay Band upto 7440 is available. So that we can find the difference between amount of TA in Revised and Pre-Revised Rates for this category. We are currently in the process of finalising Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner. We will publish the 7th CPC TA Ready Reckoner as soon as possible.

Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner
Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner – To know the Difference between 6th CPC and 7th CPC
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