Notional Increment on 30th June and 31st December for Retiring Employees – Confederation Anomaly Points


Notional Increment on 30th June and 31st December for Retiring Employees

The demand for grant of one increment to those officials who have completed one year in service on the day of Superannuation (on 30th June/31St December) was not accepted on the technical plea that completion of one year on the stipulated dates of 30th June and 31st December will come into effect only when the day is over and on the next day the official will not be on duty due to retirement.

For drawal of increment one has to be on duty. The fact that the official has completed one year is undisputed. As such an anomalous situation arises in the case of those Government servants who retires after completion of one year service on 30th June and 31st December, as the case may be, in spite of the fact that they have completed one year of service which are countable for increment, had the official be in service on 1st July and 1st January.

In order to set right this genuine anomaly, the Government of Tamilnadu has issued an order vide GOM No. 311 dated 31.12.2014. As per that order, a Government servant whose increment falls due on the day following superannuation, on completion of one full year of service which are countable for increment under Fundamental Rules may be sanctioned with one notional increment at the prescribed eligible rate, purely for the purpose of pensionary benefits and not for any other purpose.

It is submitted that the anomaly existing in Central Government Services may be rectified by issuing a similar order as above.

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8 thoughts on “Notional Increment on 30th June and 31st December for Retiring Employees – Confederation Anomaly Points”

  1. The delay on the part of the department of excpenditure to issue orders in ciompilations of the orders passed both by the CAST and Apex Courts is wanten one and highly criticised.


    i retired from the services on 30.6.2010 from haryana govt office. increment not allowed though completed one complete year service.similar benefit has since been allowed by Hon.High court of Madras.kindly clarify.

  3. Constitutional equality be exercised by the Central Government on par with Tamil Nadu Government, as the DOPT itself is one of the respondent of the Tribunal as well Supreme Court.

  4. yes its a genuine demand of the govt servant who retired on 30th June.. And also support to abolish of NPS or at least provide them compulsory Compassionate appointment to their Family members with immediate effect of death of employee..

  5. It is genuine demand. After one full year of service increament is justified

  6. Guru Dutt Sharma

    it is genuine demand of the government servant who retired on 30.6.2015.

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