Removal of Conditions for Bunching Benefit – Agenda No.3 for Anomaly Committee

Removal of Conditions for Bunching Benefit – NCJCM Agenda Item No.3 to National Anomaly Committee

One of the conditions stipulated for grant of Bunching increment is that the difference between the lower and higher pay should be atleast 3%.

It could be seen that at many levels of the Pay Matrix, the difference between one cell and another is less than 3% of the Basic Pay of the amount in the lower cell. However, the said lesser amount is still treated as one increment. In the circumstance to deny the government servant the Bunching increment on the ground that the difference is less than 3% is not reasonable. The said condition required to be removed. Given here under is the illustration which explains the issue.

Bunching of Stages in 7th CPC Pay Fixation1) The pay as per the 7th CPC of MTS drawing pay of 7210 and 7430 in the pre-revised pay is bunched and ficed at Rs. 19700. As per the bunching orders issued by Finance Ministry, the official drawing Rs. 7430 in the pre-revised scale will get additional increment and will be fixed at Rs. 20300/- with effect from 1.01.2016.

But the MTS officials drawing Rs. 7660/- in the pre-revised pay are also getting revised pay fixed at Rs.20300 with effect from 01.01.2016.

It is requested that to remove the anomaly, the MTS officials who are drawing Rs.7660/- in the pre-revised scale may also be made eligible to get additional increment.

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