7th CPC Minimum Pay Increase – This is what we can Expect

Minimum Pay Increase – How much it would be ?

Recently a news on 7th CPC Minimum Pay Increase was doing the rounds in Social Media . Increasing of 7th CPC Minimum Wage from Rs.18000 to Rs.21000 is speculated in some websites and it went viral in social media. But there was no any substantial evidence or facts has been so far posted in any website to prove this information is correct.

But real fact is that the Staff Side National Council JCM itself has pleaded the Central Government to consider to increase the Minimum Pay to Rs.19760/- It has furnished the required details in its letter to the Government to Justify their Claim that the  Minimum Pay should not be less than Rs.19670. [See the Details] It repeatedly insisted the Government to convene the meeting to discuss the Minimum Pay increase issue with them .

But the government has not ready to show any sign of accepting this demand so far apart from telling that the Committee will expedite, examine etc. When this was a situation, it is very difficult to understand the good news(?) that the Central Government is all set to hike the minimum pay from 18000 to Rs.21000 sooner or later !

However if the NCJCM Staff Side or NJCA is in a position to put the greatest possible pressure to the Government, this genuine demand can be won. In that case we can expect that the Minimum pay will be fixed at Rs.19670 as demanded by NCJCM with uniform Fitment factor 2.81 for all pay Scales [How Fitment Factor 2.81 is arrived by NCJCM – Click to See ]

Source : Govtstaffnews.in

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2 thoughts on “7th CPC Minimum Pay Increase – This is what we can Expect”

  1. there is no doubt tht the govt will give approval for increse in minimum wages no body is going to belive these roumers better they stop this kind of fooling

  2. Simply one more attempt to fool the CG Employees. At last nothing will happen as all these are some sort of cunning exercises . Pray for any Non-Reduction in future !?. All Committees are / will be /to functioned as per hidden agenda of some vested interests as no changes what so ever with the 7th CPC payments made !?.

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