Siddha Treatment and Unit Cost under CGHS

Siddha Treatment and Unit Cost under CGHS

Revised CGHS Rates and Guidelines for reimbursement/ settlement of Siddha treatment expenditure claims under CGHS.

1. List of diseases/disease conditions needing hospitalization of the patients, indicative therapies and likely duration of hospitalization

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Note: Any minor / local Siddha procedure/ therapy not included in the above list may be charged upto Rs. 100/- per sitting for upto 28 days.
3. Determination of treatment expenditure for payment/reimbursement

For the purpose of settlement of Siddha treatment expenditure under CGHS , following criteria shall be applied-

i) Above-mentioned rates of therapies/interventions shall be benchmarks for
calculating treatment expenditure.

j) The above unit rates are inclusive of the cost implication of materials, medicines, accessories, equipment maintenance , manpower (medical, paramedical and nursing) and diet used in imparting therapies except room rent of the hospitalization.

k) Pre and post procedure cost will be chargeable @ Rs 75 per day.

l) Room rent , wherever applicable shall be chargeable as per the rates prescribed in the OM.

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