Stepping Up of Pay Conditions in 7th Pay Commission

Stepping up of Pay shall be done for the Senior Govt servant in cases where he gets less pay than his Junior. 7th CPC Revised Pay Rules 2016, stipulated the following conditions under Rule No.7 [Fixation of Pay in the Revised Pay Structure] for granting such stepping up.

Stepping Up of Pay

7. Fixation of Pay in the Revised Pay Structure

(i) In cases where a senior Government servant promoted to a higher post before the 1st day of January, 2016 draws less pay in the revised pay structure than his junior who is promoted to the higher post on or after the 1st day of January, 2016, the pay of senior Government servant in the revised pay structure shall be stepped up to an amount equal to the pay as fixed for his junior in that higher post and such stepping up shall be done with effect from the date of promotion of the junior Government servant subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions, namely:-

(a) both the junior and the senior Government servants belong to the same cadre and the posts in which they have been promoted are identical in the same cadre;

(b) the existing pay structure and the revised pay structure of the lower and higher posts in which they are entitled to draw pay are identical;

(c) the senior Government servants at the time of promotion are drawing equal or more pay than the junior;

(d) the anomaly is directly as a result of the application of the provisions of Fundamental Rule 22 or any other rule or order regulating pay fixation on such promotion in the revised pay structure:

Provided that if the junior officer was drawing more pay in the existing pay structure than the senior by virtue of any advance increments granted to him, the provisions of this sub rule shall not be invoked to step up the pay of the senior officer.

(ii) The order relating to re-fixation of the pay of the senior officer in accordance with clause (i) shall be issued under Fundamental Rule 27 and the senior officer shall be entitled to the next increment on completion of his required qualifying service with effect from the date of re-fixation of pay.

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3 thoughts on “Stepping Up of Pay Conditions in 7th Pay Commission”

  1. EdmonD Fernandez

    I joined service on 10th July 2001. I am in top of the merit list. But my colleagues in the merit list below me gets more pay by virtue of joining duty during June 2001. They get an increment more than me. As such I am disadvantaged. Am I entitled to pay hikrEdmond


    My pre revised pay on 1st jan 2016 was Rs. 47490/- in PB-4, Gp Rs. 8700/-. what will be my revised pay as per 7cpc considering bunching and stepping up in level 13 of pay matrix table ( Rs. 123100/- or Rs.126800/-) ? Kindly inform me with calculation, reason, etc.

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