Expected DA from July 2022 Calculator-4 to 5 % Increase

According to the DA calculator provided below it is expected that the rate of DA from July 2022 will reach to 38 % Level if AICPIN keeps one point increase for remaining months.

DA from July 2022 Calculation

After 3 months of decreasing trend, the AICPIN for March 2022 increased by 1 point and stood at 126. This will have a positive impact in calculation of the rate of DA from July 2022.

First the AICPIN for December 2021 started decreasing 0.3 points from 125.7 to 125.4 and consecutive two months January 2022 and February 2022 decreased 0.3 and 0.1 points respectively

Already the rate of DA after 6 years reached only 34% level. So it was felt that these three months decrease in consumer price index will reduce the rate of hike expected in DA from July 2022.

But this 1 Point increase in AICPIN for March 2022 will give thrust to move the DA hike to 4 % level from July 2022

Calculator for Expected DA from July 2022

Use this Calculator to check the Expected DA from July 2022

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