Check your Next Increment after Promotion- Now is it granted as per Rule 10 ?

Central Government Employees those who are promoted to next level and their Promotion Pay Fixation done on 1st January or 1st July will be granted next increment after promotion on completion of six months service.

Check your Next Increment after Promotion

Those who had their promotion pay fixation done on annual increment date i.e on 1st January of this year will get Next Increment after Promotion on 1st July 2022.

Department of Expenditure has first issued an order regarding this matter on 31.7.2018 [ Read this Order ]. As per Rule 10 of CCS (Revised Pay ) Rules 2016

“It is clarified that in case an employee is promoted or granted financial upgradation including upgradation under the MACP scheme on 1st January or 1st July, where the pay is fixed in the Level applicable to the post on which promotion is made in accordance with the Rule 13 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2016, the first increment in the Level applicable to the post on which promotion is made shall accrue on the following 1st July or 1st January, as the case may be, provided a period of 6 months’ qualifying service is strictly fulfilled. The next increment thereafter shall, however, accrue only after completion of one year.

Next Increment after Promotion Under Rule 10 of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016

But many department has failed to implement this order due to ambiguity in this order. Clarification were sought by many department in respect of applicability of the order dated 31.7.2018. Later the DoE has issued clarification on 28.11.2019 and it has been clarified that if pay fixation on account of Promotion is done on annual increment date, then the next increment after promotion shall be granted after completion of six months Service. [Read this important Clarification dated 28.11.2019 on date of next increment clarification]

According to this Clarification,

Next Increment on 1st July or 1st January ?

1.Whether after promotion on 1st July and fixation of pay with two increments the date of next increment will be 1st January or 1st July

2.Accrual of next increment in case of regular promotion/ financial up gradation of an employee on any date other than the date of annual increment and option for pay fixation is exercised under FR 22(1)(a)(1).

In the above case he may be allowed the 1st increment in promotional grade on 1st January/ 1st July as the case may be after completion of 6 months’ qualifying service after such fixation on 1st July/1st January (i.e., the date of increment in lower grade) on the analogy of Department of Expenditure’s OM dated 31.07.2018. The next increment, thereafter, shall however, accrue only after completion of one year.

Therefore, if any Govt servant whose DNI was on 1st January, had their Promotion pay fixation done on 1st January 2022 , it should be ensured that the Next Increment after Promotion is granted on 1st July 2022.

Check this date of next increment on promotion calculator to Check your DNI

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