SPARSH Service Centre to avail SPARSH related facilities/services

SPARSH Service Centre at Officers’ Record Office (ORO)

SPARSH Service Centre at Officers’ Record Office (ORO) to facilitate Veterans/NoKs to avail SPARSH related facilities/services:-

1. A SPARSH Service Centre has been established at Officers’ Record Office (ORO). Veterans /NoKs visiting ORO may avail fwg SPARSH related facilities/services :-

(a) Submission of Aadhar based online DLC incl non-migrated pensioners through JPP.
(b) Manage profile.
(c) Correction in data.
(d) Download documents like PPO, Form-16 & Pension Slip etc.
(e) Update Re-employment status.
(f) Grievances.
(g) Commutation Request.
(h) eMRO.
(j) Linking PPOs.
(k) Division of Gallantry Award Monetary Benefits.
(l) Aadhaar Consent.
(m) Stoppage of Medical Allowance.
(n) Post Death Manifestations.
(o) Investment Declarations.

2. This is in addition to already existing SPARSH Service Centre facility established at 27 Veteran Cells across the country for all ranks as also the 45 Record offices which have constituted dedicated SPARSH related support cells.


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