Procedural Requirements for Leave Encashment on LTC

Leave Encashment on LTC in cases where the Government employees undertake journeys on private vehicles in areas connected by public transport

Leave Encashment on LTC

F.No.31011/06/ 2023-Estt.(A-IV)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment A-Ill Desk

North Block, New Delhi.
Dated: 29th March, 2023


Subject: Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 — Fulfilment of procedural requirements

The undersigned is directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and to state that Government employees are allowed to encash 10 days earned leave at the time of availing of LTC to the extent of 60 days during the entire service. However, certain queries have been raised about whether to allow reimbursement of leave encashment or not in cases where the Government employees undertake journeys on private vehicles in areas connected by public transport or the Government servant himself decides to forgo his claim resulting in ‘Nil’ claim on journeys performed.

  1. The matter has been considered and decided that since the leave encashment is limited upto 60 days in the entire service, the denial of encashment of leave would not be appropriate in such cases where the Government employee decides to forgo his claim of reimbursement for travel undertaken on private/hired vehicle or his claim is ‘Nil’, provided that:

(i) A Government employee intimates to the Department his intention to avail of LTC in advance and gets the leave sanctioned as per the prescribed procedure before the journey is undertaken;

(ii) The Government employee has submitted a request for leave encashment before the commencement of the journey;

(iii) The Government employee gives a self-declaration that he has actually travelled to the declared place of visit and is not claiming the fare reimbursement for the entire LTC journey.

  1. It is further clarified that in the following cases, the Government employees are not required to forgo the fare-reimbursement for LTC Journey as per prevailing instructions:

(i) The Journey on LTC is made by taxi, auto-rickshaw etc, only between places not connected by rail and these modes operate on a regular basis from point to point with the specific approval of the State Governments/transport authorities concerned and are authorized to ply as public carriers;

(ii) Where a Government servant travels on LTC upto the nearest airport/railway station/ bus terminal by authorized mode of transport and undertakes the rest of the journey to a declared place of visit by private transport own arrangement (such as personal vehicle or private taxi, etc.), limited upto 200 KMs to and for;

(iii) When the Head of Department allows the use of own/hired taxi for an LTC journey on account of the disability of the Government servant or dependent family member as per the extant instructions.

  1. It is also reiterated that, within the same block, when the LTC is being availed of by the Government servant and his family members separately, encashment of leave would be restricted to one occasion only.
  2. version will follow.

(Satish Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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