CMOs in Charge as Sanctioning Authorities for CGHS

Deployment of Chief Medical Officers -in-charge of CGHS Wellness Centres

F. No. MISC. 2011/103/NHA ISSUE/2023
Govt. of India
Min. of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS

RK Puram – Sector-13 New Delhi
Dated the 22nd May, 2023


Subject: Deployment of Chief Medical Officers -in-charge of CGHS Wellness Centres as Sanctioning Authorities for settlement of credit bills of CGHS empanelled Health Care Organizations (HCOs) as a temporary measure -regarding

The undersigned is directed to convey the approval of Competent Authority and to state that in order to expedite the settlement of credit bills of CGHS empanelled HCOs, it is now decided that Chief medical Officers -in-charge of CGHS Wellness Centres shall also act as Sanctioning Authorities, on a temporary basis. The details are given below:

i. Additional Directors of concerned cities shall provide the details of the CMOs in Charge working under them and may take necessary steps for procuring DSC for them.

ii. CMOs in charge shall work as sanctioning authorities for at least 3 hours in a day during free time or after duty hours in Wellness Centres. CMOs -in-charge shall perform these special duties, in addition to their regular duties.

iii. Existing Sanctioning Authorities shall act as nodal officers for the CMOs I/c in the city for any clarifications/ assistance, in addition to their own duties as SAs.

iv. NHA- shall create user names and passwords for the new sanctioning authorities.

v. The timelines prescribed are

4-7 days- NHA shall create login User Name and Passwords for CMOs i/c
8-10-Days – Online training for the CMOs in charge
11th Day onwards- CMOs in charge shall act as Sanctioning Authorities till the clearance of pending credit bills of HCOs.

2. The target for every CMO in charge is settlement of hospital credit bills amounting to Rs.2.0 Crore /per week (approx.).

3. The Additional Directors shail bring the contents of the order to the notice of all the CMOs in charge working under their administration and ensure the compliance of the aforementioned directions.

4. The settlement of bills by CMOs i/c shall be monitored on daily basis, by the Directorate of CGIIS.

(Dr. Manoj Jain)
Director, CGHS

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