Latest AICPIN Trend : January 2024 Expected DA Calculator Predicts 5% Surge

Since the DA hike order will be released anytime now, our focus now turns to the January 2024 DA calculator and its prediction.

January 2024 Expected DA Calculator Predicts 5% Hike

The latest AICPIN (All India Consumer Price Index) points from January 2023 to August 2024 have been released, and based on these numbers, the DA (Dearness Allowance) calculator predicts a 5% hike from January 2024. This will increase the Rate of DA from 46% to 51%.

While the balance AICPIN points up to December 2023 are yet to be released, the calculator assumes a 1-point increase for each remaining month. With this assumption, the projected hike in DA is estimated to be 5%.

AICPIN Magic : CPI Number is an important factor in determining the DA

The AICPIN is an important factor in determining the DA for government employees. It measures the changes in the cost of living and inflation rates in various cities and towns across India. The DA is a component of the salary that is adjusted twice a year, in January and July, based on the AICPIN.

The Calculator for Expected DA from January 2024 takes into account the AICPIN points and calculates the expected DA hike for the upcoming period. It is a useful tool for government employees to estimate their future salary and plan their finances accordingly.

It is important to note that the DA Calculator’s predictions are based on assumptions and historical data. The actual DA hike may vary depending on the AICPIN points released in the coming months. However, it provides a good estimate and helps employees prepare for any potential changes in their salary.

1Current DA46% from 1.7.2023
2Expected DA from January 202451 % (Approx)
3AICPIN required for DA CalculationJanuary 2023 to December 2023
4No. of months AICPIN released8 Months
5No. of Months AICPIN to be released4 Months

Projected 5% hike in DA from January 2024

The projected 5% hike in DA from January 2024 is significant for government employees. It will result in an increase in their take-home salary and provide some relief from the rising cost of living. The DA is an essential component of the salary package for government employees and plays a crucial role in maintaining their purchasing power.

Government employees can use the January 2024 DA Calculator to get an idea of how the DA hike will impact their salary. By entering the current AICPIN points and the projected hike percentage, they can calculate the expected increase in their salary. This information can be helpful in budgeting and planning for future expenses.

In conclusion, the DA Calculator predicts a 5% hike in DA from January 2024 based on the AICPIN points released so far. While the actual hike may vary, this projection provides government employees with an estimate of the potential increase in their salary. It is advisable for employees to stay updated with the latest AICPIN points and official announcements regarding the DA hike.

Calculate the Expected DA here

Month/ Year CPI(IW)
Monthly Increase
January 2023 132.8
February 2023 132.7
March 2023 133.3
April 2023 134.2
May 2023 134.7
June 2023 136.4
July 2023 139.7
August 2023 139.2
September 2023 137.5
October 2023 138.4
November 2023 139.1
December 2023
Expected DA from January 2023

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