Issuance of the Pension Slip on monthly basis by the Pension Disbursing Banks on monthly basis – CAG Instruction 2024

CGA has directed all Pension Disbursing banks to issue Pension Slip on monthly basis

Issuance of the Pension Slip by the Pension Disbursing Banks on monthly basis – Circular

Govt. of India
Ministry of Finance
O/o the Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts
Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
(Expenditure Coordination Section)
1st Floor, DGACR Building, |.P. Estate New Delhi-110002

No. Pr.CCA/CBIC/Expdr-Coord./Cir-Instructions/VolIII/2023-24/31.

Dated: 08/o2/2024


Subject : Issuance of the Pension Slip by the Pension Disbursing Banks on monthly basis.

Please find enclosed herewith Office Memorandum no. TA-3-6/1/2020-TA-III-Part()/cs-2184/ dated January 2024 received from CGA, New Delhi.

All Zonal Heads are hereby requested to direct all the PAOs under their control to go through the above-mentioned Office Memorandum and to follow the guidelines mentioned in the OM for improving the “Ease of Living” for pensioners.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(Subhash Chander)
Sr. Accounts Officer
Encl: as above.

Copy to:
1 The Dy.CA O/o CA (WZ), CBIC, Mumbai.

  1. The ACA O/o DCA(EZ), CBIC, Kolkata.
  2. The Dy. CA O/o DCA(SZ), CBIC, Chennai.
  3. The Dy. CA,(NZ), O/o Pr.CCA, CBIC.
  4. All PAOs of NZ, CBIC
  5. Sr. AO (ITD) is requested to upload on the ARPIT PortalView/Download the PDF

Pension Slip on monthly basis – OM

NEW DELHI-110023

Dated: January. 2024


Subject: Issuance of the Pension Slip by the Pension Disbursing Banks on monthly basis.

This Office has been receiving grievances from Pensioners/Family Pensioners that they are not receiving monthly Pension Slip from their Pension Disbursing banks.

2. Reference is invited to the DP&PW’s O.M. No. 1(4)/2021-P&PW(II) – 7223 Dated 22nd June, 2021 (Copy enclosed) vide Which CMDs and CPPCSs of all pension disbursing banks were clearly instructed to issue pension slip to Pensioners after credit of pension on their registered mobile numbers through SMS and email also. The pension slip should provide complete details of monthly pension paid alone with break-up of the amount credited and tax deductions etc. if any.

3. The CPPCs of all Pension Disbursing Banks are advised to take necessary action to ensure that the pensioners/family pensioners receive the pension slip invariably every month. It may be ensured that these SUPS arc generated in a suitable and well-laid-out format and fonts for easy readability by pensioners of all ages. Action Taken on this matter may he intimated to CPAO – through email to [email protected] within a fortnight.

This issues with approval of the Additional CGA (A&FR),

Enclosure- as above

(Narender Singh)
Assistant Controller General of Accounts

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