Alert for Pensioners : Protect Yourself from Fake CPAO Messages Seeking Personal Information and Save your Pension

CPAO issued Urgent Alert Message for Pensioners to be aware of Fake CPAO Messages Seeking Personal Information including PPO Number, date of Birth and Bank Account details

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In today’s era, fraudsters are adopting numerous virtual personas in order to deceive individuals who are unaware of online scams. These deceitful individuals employ tactics such as requesting KYC updates, activating blocked bank accounts, providing false information to prevent account blockage, activating cards over the phone and parcel containing Narcotics.

Unfortunately, many victims of these online fraudsters choose not to report the incidents to the police. Exploiting this situation, these fraudsters persist in their deceptive practices, causing hardworking individuals to lose their well-earned money

It has come to light that pensioners are now being targeted by online scammers who are using the name of the Central Pension Accounts Office to collect personal information and fraudulently withdraw retirement benefits from their bank accounts.

The CPAO has issued an Alert to Pensioners in response to complaints received.

CPAO Alert for Pensioners

” It has come to our notice that fraudsters are impersonating officials from the Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO), Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi, and contacting pensioners. These scammers are sending forms via WhatsApp/eMail/SMS, claiming that failure to fill them out will result in pension payments being stopped next month.

We urge all pensioners to be cautious and not fall victim to these scams. Do not share your personal information, including your PPO Number, Date of Birth, and Bank Account details, with anyone. Please note that the CPAO, banks, and other government agencies will never request such information from pensioners.

Stay vigilant and protect your personal information”

Pensioners, please remain vigilant and refrain from disclosing the personal information indicated above.

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