CGHS Beneficiaries Breathe a Sigh of Relief Now : Ayushman Bharat ID Linkage Put on Hold ! CGHS OM dated 25.6.2024

As Ayushman Bharat ID linkage has been kept in Abeyance by the latest order which gives a sigh of relief to CGHS beneficiaries now.

Ayushman Bharat ID Linkage with CGHS Beneficiaries ID kept in Abeyance

F No 44/88/MCTC/CGHS/2024 /DIR
Govt. of India
Min. of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate of CGHS

CGHS Bhawan,
RK Puram –Sector-13, New Delhi.
Dated the June 25, 2024


Subject: Keeping in abeyance the Implementation of OM dated 28.03.2024 regarding linkage of CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID

Reference is invited to the Office Memorandum No Z 15025/23/2023/ DIR/ CGHS dated the 28.03.2024 vide which Linkage of CGHS Beneficiary ID with Ayushman Bharat Health Account ID (ABHA ID) has been made mandatory and to state that the matter has been reviewed in the Ministry and the undersigned is directed to convey the approval of Competent Authority that the implementation of the above referred OM dated 28.03.2024 is kept in abeyance till further orders.

Linkage of CGHS Ben ID with Ayushman Bharat Health Account ID (ABHA ID) is made voluntary/ Optional till further orders.

Signed by Dr Satheesh Y H
Date 25.06.2024 12:57:43

(Dr. Satheesh YH)
Director, CGHS


  1. All Ministries / Departments, Government of India through CGHS Website
  2. All empanelled HCOs through Additional Director of concerned City.
  3. Members of LACs/ZACs through coincerned Additional Director,CGHS
  4. Addl.CEO, National Health Authority
  5. Estt.I/ Estt.II/ Estt.III/ Estt.IV Sections, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  6. Admn.I / Admn.II Sections of Dte.GHS
  7. Addl. Director, CGHS(HQ) / Addl.DDG(HQ)/Addl. Directors of CGHS Cities/ Zones
  8. Rajya Sabha / Lok Sabha Secretariat
  9. Registrar, Supreme Court of India /Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh
  10. Under Secretary, U.P.S.C.
  11. Under Secretary Finance Division
  12. Deputy Secretary (Civil Service News), Department of Personnel & Training
  13. PPS to AS&MD, NRHM / AS (H) /DGHS
  14. Secretary, Staff Side, 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi
  15. Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, 10 Bahadur Shah ZafarMarg,
    New Delhi
  16. All Offices / Sections / Desks in the Ministry
  17. Nodal Officer, MCTC, CGHS with a request to upload a copy of OM on CGHS

Web site

Copy to
PPS to Secretary, HFW
Copy for information to
PS to Hon’ble HFM
PS to Hon’ble MOS

View the Order Source : aibsnlretd

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