Good News for CGHS Pensioners and other Beneficiaries : Cashless Treatment at AIIMS Patna is now available – Agreement between CGHS and AIIMS Patna on 25.6.2024

The recent agreement between CGHS and AIIMS Patna, signed on 25.6.2024, brings good news for CGHS Pensioners as it enables Cashless Treatment at AIIMS Patna and encompasses various provisions. The Provisions of this agreement is provided below

Good News for CGHS Pensioners and other Beneficiaries : Cashless Treatment at AIIMS Patna

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY AGREED between the Parties as follows

Agreement between CGHS and AIIMS Patna

  1. The CGHS Pensioners and other entitled categories of beneficiaries will be eligible for cashless treatment in OPD, investigations and Indoor Treatment at AIIMS, PATNA. They are eligible for Indoor treatment facilities as per their ward entitlement in private CGHS empanelled hospitals.
  2. Admission of the CGHS beneficiary shall be made only against production of valid CGHS Beneficiary ID Card for the treatment at AIIMS, PATNA.
  3. AIIMS, PATNA shall create a separate Help Desk and a separate accounting system for CGHS beneficiaries.
  4. AIIMS, PATNA shall provide implants available at the Institute and the beneficiaries shall not have option to choose Specific Implants of their choice.
  5. Medicines prescribed by the doctors at AIIMS, PATNA for OPD treatment or at the time of discharge from AIIMS, PATNA will be collected by the beneficiaries through CGHS.
  6. AIIMS, PATNA shall raise credit bills of CGHS Pensioners and other categories of eligible beneficiaries to the Office of Additional Director, CGHS, PATNA and payment shall be made into the Account created by AIIMS, PATNA as per the bill raised by AIIMS, preferably within 30 working days after receipt of Bills, by CGHS. 7. The payment may be made by NEFT/RTGS as per bank details provided by AIIMS, PATNA
  7. The agreement shall remain in force for a period of FIVE YEARS from the date signed by both parties.

View the Agreement Copy pdf

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