Expected DA calculator from January 2021

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Expected DA calculator from January 2021

Know the expected DA from January 2021- Calculate here

The order issued by Finance Ministry to freeze the DA from 1.1.2020 to 30.6.2021, that prompted us to check and calculate what will be the Expected DA from January 2021 at this stage.

Because the three additional DA instalments which are supposed to be increased from 1st January 2020, 1st July 2020 and 1st January 2021 will be restored prospectively from 1st July 2021. So Arrears shall not be paid for this period.

Calculate here : How much DA Arrears will not be paid for this period

Now 4% increase from 1st January 2020 has been approved by Union Cabinet and as per AICPIN average the DA from July 2020 to be increased by 3%

So the next DA increase to be calculated is DA from January 2021. To calculate this we need AICPIN Points from January 2020 to December 2020. The average of these 12 Months AICPIN will determine the expected DA from January 2021.

How to use this calculator to Know the expected DA from January 2021?

As of now we have following AICPIN released by Labour Bureau.

Month & YearAICPIN PointsDA [as per past 12
Months AICPIN]
January 2020 33022.15
February 202032822.82
March 202032623.36
April 202032923.91
May 202033024.42
June 202033224.93
July 202033625.47
August 202033826.04
September 2020118.126.62
October 2020119.527.23
November 2020
December 2020

Remaining Months CPI numbers with base year 2016=100 to be assumed to use the following Expected DA calculator to find the Dearness Allowance increase from 1st January 2021 approximately.

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  1. DA can only be known from this Expected DA Calculator from January 2021. But it is restored from July 2021.

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