How much salary will increase in 8th pay commission

Salary Increase in 8th Pay Commission I 8th Pay Commission Minimum Pay I Salary after 8th Pay Commission

Before we go into the details of 8th Pay Commission salary Increase, we need to know about the two deciding factors to be taken into account for calculation of salary increase in 8th Pay Commission.

8th pay commission salary Increase

The Increase in the rate of Dearness Allowance and Minimum Pay are the main factors which will decide the increase in the salary in 8th Pay Commission

The following factors will play a vital role in calculation of rise in the salary of 8th Pay Commission

  1. Rate of DA as on 31.12.2025
  2. Determination of Minimum Pay as per 15th ILC norms and Dr.Aykroyd Formula based on the wage rate index in the year 2025

These are the main factors to be taken into account for calculation of 8th CPC Fitment Factor based on this the Pay and allowances of entire central government servants will be calculated. So the 8th Pay Commission salary increase fully depends on these factors

Dearness Allowance and 8th Pay Commission.

So far the the rate of DA reached only 31% as on 1.7.2021 after six years. It is expected 3% increase will be added in DA with effect from 1.1.2022. So total 34 % DA will be paid up to 30th June 2022.

Balance DA instalments to be released in coming years are as follows

  1. 1st July 2022
  2. 1st January 2023
  3. 1st July 2023
  4. 1st January 2024
  5. 1st July 2024
  6. 1st January 2025
  7. 1st July 2025

Only 7 DA instalments are left.

If the DA increase goes up at this rate, it will not reach even 100% in the next 7 instalments.

Salary After 8th Pay Commission

Since the DA increase will be restricted within 100% level, we can expect two times higher salary after 8th pay Commission. Read the Report on Fitment factor

The Pay Matrix introduced by 7th Pay Commission is now in vogue and we found this pay matrix very useful and easy to fix the pay on account of Promotion and Annual Increment and calculate the salary.

So 8th Pay Commission will not be able to recommend a better pay structure format than Pay matrix. So the pay commission just need to modify the Pay matrix incorporating the increase to be recommended in the 8th Pay Commission salary.

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