Interesting facts in 7th CPC report about Age Profile of Central Government Staffs

Interesting facts in 7th CPC report about Age Profile of Central Government Staffs

7th CPC Report on Age Profile of Central Government Personnel as on 01.01.2014

With a view to determining the age profile of personnel serving in the Central Government, this Commission obtained data of its personnel from each ministry/department in terms of distinct age groups viz., those less than 20 years, 20-30 years, 30-40 years, 40 to 50 years, 50-60 years and over 60 years.

3.56 Aggregate Position: Of the total 33.02 lakh persons in position as on 01.01.2014, the break up in various age groups is indicated in the pie chart below.

7th cpc report on age profile of cg employees

3.57 Disaggregate Position: While at an aggregate level, which covers all persons in position in the government, the distribution of personnel in various age groups is quite even, this picture changes significantly when the data is analysed at a disaggregate level. In terms of the breakup of personnel amongst the largest ministries/departments in terms of age the graph below brings out the position.

7th cpc report on age of central staffs

i. The composition of personnel in the age groups 20-30 years and 30-40 years is very substantial amongst personnel in MHA.

ii. Larger departments like Railways, MHA (Police), Posts and IA&AD had relatively larger percentages in the 20-30 years age group compared to other ministries which comprise the rest of the smaller ministries/departments of the government.

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3.58 Pattern with regard to smaller ministries/departments: On an analysis of the age composition of personnel, the Commission noted a discernible pattern as regards ministries/ departments which were comparatively smaller. A review of all ministries/departments with persons in positions (PIP) less than 500 was undertaken. The findings pointed to the fact that in most of these ministries/departments the percentage of personnel in the age group 20-30 years was significantly lower than in the larger departments in the government.

7th pay commission report on age

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