Calculator for Dearness Allowance calculation for CG employees- Simple tool to know DA Rate in 2022

Calculator for Dearness Allowance Calculation

Gservants has developed a Calculator for Dearness Allowance calculation to compute the expected DA from July and January every year

A simple calculator has been created to calculate the DA by yourself. You have to input the AICPIN value (available and anticipated AICPIN) and can calculate the DA for July 2022 Using this simple calculator, you can calculate the DA for July 2022 by yourself

Calculate DA from July 2022

DA Arrears Calculator

After the order on the 38% DA is received, the corresponding DA value will be paid as arrears for the first two months and then it will paid along with the month’s salary. Similarly, every time when the DA touches 25%, some allowances can increase up to 25%. We have already got the benefits of the 25% DA increase.

Now, as it has reached 34%, we all wait for it to reach 50%. Everyone can easily calculate the benefits that we’ll get from a 4% increase. However, for your convenience,  a calculator has been provided to help you to find out how much you will get as two month’s arrears and the other benefits that you will get due to the DA increase…”

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