Important Meeting of Allowance Committee is Being Held Today

Important Meeting of Committee ON Allowance  is Being Held Today

NCJCM has informed that a crucial Meeting of Allowance Committee is being held today at New Delhi. Further it informed that final Decision on Allowances will be arrived today itself. The news item posted in NCJCM Staff side is given below

Meeting of Allowance Committee

Today there had been a crucial meeting of the Committee on Allowances. They may finalize all the allowances in today’s meeting itself or some of them. This is just for your information. Further details shall be sent to you, once the same is available with us…..

Allowance Committee Meeting Decision

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1 thought on “Important Meeting of Allowance Committee is Being Held Today”

  1. GOI is amending orders almost many a times a day for dealing with the issue of withdrawl of 1000 and 500 rs notes.
    Is it a conspiracy of bureaucracy? Why was adequate homework not done at RBI and Finmin levels?

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