Arrears of HRA and Transport Allowance is going to be rejected

Now it has become clear that the Government has constituted the Allowance Committee headed by Finance Secretary, mainly to delay the implementation of enhanced allowances and finally deny the arrears by implementing the revised allowance either from 01-01-2017 or from 01-04-2017.

Arrears of HRA and Transport Allowance is going to be rejected

The four months time fixed for the Allowance Committee is already extended to six months upto 22-02-2017. Reserve Bank Governor, Dr. Urjit Patel had hinted to the media that the burden of payment of arrears during this financial year will not be there, meaning that Government may not give retrospective effect to the revised allowances. The RBI Governor, Dr. Urjit Patel made the following observations, which is published in the RBI website.

“The extension of two months given to the Ministry of Finance to receive the notification on higher allowances under the Pay Commission’s award could push its fuller effect into the next financial year rather than this financial year”.

Further, the Allowance Committee has not held any negotiation with the JCM Staff Side. It just heard the views of the staff side. The request of the JCM staff side to hold one more meeting with staff side NJCM was not favourably considered by the Finance Secretary, who is the Chairman of the Allowance Committee. No indication is given as to whether the percentage of HRA recommended by 7th CPC will be enhanced to 30%, 20% and 10%. The fate of other allowances are also the same. Unless NJCA take a firm stand and negotiate with the Government by reviving the indefinite strike, the employees will be placed in a desperate and helpless situation, if Government is allowed to unilaterally declare the HRA and other allowances, without retrospective effect from 01-01-2016, and also without much modification, thereby denying crores of rupees as arrears.



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5 thoughts on “Arrears of HRA and Transport Allowance is going to be rejected”

  1. At-least The Defence personnel deployed in Kashmir, the CPO personnel in Maoist region should get triple salary as risk allowance. only medals to their supervision officers will not work. As for we are concerned, don’t expect anything from present government who is not loyal even to the Defence personnel

  2. Puttan Lal Verma

    The Central Govt has highly neglected the interests of the employees of Group C & D categories only by not enforcing the revised allowances (HRA) till date. These employees mostly belong to weaker sections have been expecting revised HRA/TPT from retrospective effect. There already imparity in salary and other facilities between officer and staff. It more time is being taken for enforcing the above allowances from retrospective effect, there a bad message in respect of present Govt shall go in the employees of above categories.

  3. Rajarshi Kansabanik

    Dear Leaders, please don’t make CG emplloyees fool again. Govt will not give anything and you agree it. Hence don’t say for strike and return back.

  4. Govt employees have been deceived both by the Union leaders and the Government of India for only their own benefits.

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