AICPIN for January 2017 Released

AICPIN for January 2017 Released, Predict the DA from July 2017

The Labour Bureau has released the AICPIN for Industrial Workers for the month of January 2017 today. The All-India CPI-IW for January 2017 decreased by 1 Point and stood at 274 (two hundred and seventy-Four). This is the 7th Month AICPIN of the 12 Months AICPIN numbers which required to calculate the DA from July 2017. The CPI numbers starting from July 2016 to June 2017 will determine the rate of DA to be paid to Central government employees from July 2017.

AICPIN for January 2017 Released

As this is 7th Month AICPIN, the rate of DA from July 2017 can be arrived approximately by assuming the remaining 5 Months AICPIN. Use the DA calculator provided in this site to calculate the expected DA from July 2017


Click Here to See:  Expected DA calculator for July 2017 DA

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2 thoughts on “AICPIN for January 2017 Released”

  1. Is it true….?

    Some media news has declared that Government is going to 2% DA from Jan 2017…though as per DA calculator the figure comes to 4 or 5%.

    Is it possible that Government will not follow this calculator…?

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