7th CPC Allowances should have been implemented before forming Committees

Federations should have insisted to implement 7th CPC Allowances before forming Committees

Does the Allowance Committee adopt any lackadaisical approach in its work?

As of now, the Allowance Committee Report is the most expected report by Central Government Staffs.

The Federation Leaders have lost their Grip over Government to settle their demands. The Federations have erred by accepting the Government decision to constitute Committee to examine Allowances. They however should have insisted the Government to implement the 7th CPC Recommendations before constituting committee for Allowances.

It seems that the delay in submitting Allowance Committee Report is merely an unwanted procrastination.

That is why a question was raised in Parliament that if any steps taken to ensure that the committee does not adopt any lackadaisical approach to complete its work. [See the Question and Answer regarding Allowance Committee]

The question itself has raised many doubts about the interest of the Government to settle the heart burning issue’s of CG staff.

The Federation leaders those who are attending the Allowance Committee meeting used to say their cadres that the committee is not ready to decide anything on their own. The members of the committee were always telling that …[Read More ]

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3 thoughts on “7th CPC Allowances should have been implemented before forming Committees”

  1. when government is decided to prolong the 7 CPC by dividing the pay and allowances. federations and unions put maximum pressure for implementing the CPC report. government diluted the sprit with falls promises. still COC is fighting to get the final achievement.

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