AIRF is Thankful and welcomed the Govt Decision on HRA and Other Allowances

In a Press Release issued by AIRF states that Shri.Shiv Gopal Mishra is Thankful to the Government for Implementing the Allowances and applauded the Government decision on HRA and Other Allowances. The copy of the Press Release is reproduced below.

Govt Decision on HRA and Other Allowances


New Delhi: 29th June, 2017 – General Secretary, All India Railwaymen’s Federation and Secretary, Staff Side(JCM), Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, welcomed decision of the Union Cabinet for restoring rates of House Rent Allowance @ 10%,20% and 30% to the Central Government Employees covered from levels 1 to 3, “however, demand of the Staff Side(JCM) for similar rate of HRA to other Group `C’ staff should also have been acceded to”, he added.

Shri Mishra applauded the decision of the Central Government for amending 50% DA barrier for increasing HRA @ 09%, 18% and 27% when DA exceeds 25% as also @ 10%, 20% and 30% on Dearness Allowance exceeding 50%. He further added that, “similar principle could have been adopted on other allowances which are DA indexed”.

Shri Mishra also thanked the government for restoring 34 allowances, particularly from the Railways 12 allowances, including Breakdown Allowance, Nursing Allowance, Trip Allowance, Additional Allowance, Cycle Allowance as also Special Allowance to Trackmen, Section Controllers and Loco Pilot (Goods) and Sr. Passenger Guards on enhanced rates.

Shri Mishra, however, emphasized that, main demand of the Central Government Employees for increasing Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula as well as Guaranteed Minimum Pension for the Central Government Employees, appointed on or after 01.01.2004, should also be considered by the government sympathetically and
orders to this effect be issued at an earliest in view of the widespread anxiety and discontentment prevailing among the Central Government Employees.

He appreciated the government for increasing the rate of Fixed Medical Allowance from Rs.500 p.m. to Rs.1000 p.m.

Shri Mishra further said that, Staff Side(JCM) is thankful to the government for increasing various allowances for Nursing Staff and extending Patient Care Allowance to Ministerial Staff working in the hospitals, and at the same time hopeful for increasing the same for other categories of staff also.

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5 thoughts on “AIRF is Thankful and welcomed the Govt Decision on HRA and Other Allowances”

  1. What About Arrears Mishra Ji . At the time if u accept with Basic pay we dont loose 18 months allowance . Which what proposal u accepted high powr conmitee on allowances . Simply cheated employees trust.

  2. How Union leader can say thank? Government is telling public to be honest. But what about themselves? They tactically delay the allowances that too without any changes. Government itself cheating the public then how they can expect the honesty from the public. Shameful leader of AIRF and JCM convey thanks. How his heart allowed to do so

  3. Mahesh Sharrma

    Its very sad and disgusting to note that one of our leader is thanking the Govt for humiliation and betrayal to employees of Central Govt. Do this Govt. really deserve any thank for its anti-labour/employee attitude. From the day of submission of 7th CPC Report and upto its”PROCESSING’ the Govt. simply closed their eyes and ears and decided to give a HISTORICAL shock treatment to its own employees. PM and Ministers of Govt are busy in preaching sermons to show how it cares and now look their very benevolent attitude towards employees. If the ministers think that employees are not deserving, OK, throw them out and do the work themselves or privatise all the Govt Ministries/Deparrtment.

  4. ramanathan arumugam

    What happened to the issue of issuing
    CGHS cards to Postal pensioners who
    surrendered their cghs cards while
    in service ?

  5. Intentional delay and still 8% , 16% and 24 % HRA…?

    Can think how tactics played for not giving arrears?

    What about TA ? What is the problem in giving TA…? How costly tranportation is today…!!! But still nothing fruitful come out on TA.

    Fixed Med Allowance raised for lensioners only.. here also nothing considered better to working employee…!!!

    Carry on showing such thankfulness…(shameful thanking)

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