7th CPC Pay Matrix in Pay Band wise

We have provided the 7th CPC Pay matrix in Pay Band wise below to know your basic pay in the pay Matrix easily. 

7th CPC Pay Matrix in Pay Band wise

7th Pay Commission had recommended a fixed Pay Scale Table in the name of 7th CPC Pay Matrix for Central government Employees. The Recommendation was accepted by Central government and the Pay Matrix was implemented with effect from 1.1.2016. Initially Fitment factor 2.57 was used for Index of rationalisation to arrive the pay matrix up to Level 13 [ Click to See the : First Pay matrix issued with 7th CPC Order]. Accordingly the Pay Matrix Table  provided below separately for the five running Pay band. What is the 7th CPC Level for sixth CPC  Grade Pay can be found Pay band wise in the following table. 

Later the IOR of Level-13 of Civil Pay Matrix had been enhanced from 2.57 to 2.67. Accordingly, the Civil Pay Matrix as contained in Annexure-1 mentioned in para 6 of the aforesaid Resolution [Read ] dated the 25th July, 2016 was also revised on 16th May 2017 . To See the  revised Civil Pay Matrix Click here 

7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix is given in Pay Band Wise  below

Click to See : 7th CPC Pay Matrix Level 1 to 5 [ PB 1 :  5200- 20200]

Click to See : 7th CPC Pay Matrix Level 6 to 9 [ PB 2 : 9300-34800]

Click to See : Pay Matrix Level 10 to 12 [PB 3 : 15600-39100]

Click to See : Pay Matrix Level 13 to 14 [PB 4 : 37400-67000]

Click to See :  Pay Matrix Level 15 to 18 [ HAG SCALE]

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