Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2020 Calculator

Expected Dearness Allowance Calculator from July 2020
Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2020 Calculator

Here we provided the Expected Dearness Allowance calculator from July 2020 with AICPIN from July 2019 to June 2020 to calculate the DA hike from 1.7.2020

Let us see the AICPIN for Industrial Workers for 12 Months from July 2019 to till date. And the AICPIN for June is expected to be released on 31st July 2020

AICPIN for July 2019319
AICPIN for August 2019320
AICPIN for September 2019322
AICPIN for October 2019325
AICPIN for November 2019328
AICPIN for December 2019330
AICPIN for January 2020330
AICPIN for February 2020328
AICPIN for March 2020326
AICPIN for April 2020
AICPIN for May 2020
AICPIN for June 2020

Still 3 Months AICPIN are required to get the exact rate from DA Calculator from July 2020

AICPIN Decrease – Does it affect Expected Dearness Allowance increase ?

Let us Check the AICPIN facts and DA calculator from July 2020 to get the answer

Due to various Reasons the Consumer Price Index Numbers for the Months of February and March 2020 decreased 2 points consecutively.

But it is expected that AICPIN for April and May 2020 will be a different story as country wide lockdown for 49 days will have considerable impact in Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers. In essential commodities market, both Supply and demand are affected due to the COVID 19 crisis. This will determine the AICPIN for IW as well as the hike in expected Dearness Allowance from July 2020.

So the remaining month’s Consumer price Index numbers will play a crucial role in the DA Calculator from July 2020.

DA freeze for 18 Months-What is the use of Expected DA Calculation ?

What will happen to the increase in DA after Freezing of Dearness Allowance from January 2020 to June 2021?

Central Government has issued order to freeze the DA at current rate level for 18 Months with effect from 1.1.2020

The increase in the rate of DA from January 2020, July 2020 and January 2021 will be calculated as per the procedure followed before. But monetary benefit of increase in these DA instalments will not be paid for the period up to July 2021.

When will Central government Employees get the benefit of this DA increase ?

All the three DA hike will be restored with expected DA from July 2021 with prospective effect.

For example

The Additional instalment of DA from January 2020 = 4% (Approved By Union cabinet)

expected DA Hike from July 2020 = 3% [As per the Dearness Allowance Calculator]

Assuming DA hike from January 2021= 3% [ Check this DA Calculator]

So total increase from these three additional instalments is 10%

As per the order of the Finance Ministry, the central government employees will not get the monitory benefit of this DA increase from 1st January 2020 to 30th June 2021

But these 10% DA will be restored with Dearness Allowance hike due if any from July 2021.

So Increase if any in the Dearness Allowance from July 2020, January 2020 and 2021 will not go in vain.

Dearness Allowance calculator is here to Check the expected DA hike

Let us calculate the increase in DA from July 2020 in the calculator given below.

Expected DA Calculator from July 2020
Month/ Year CPI(IW)
Monthly Increase
Jul 2019 319 17.65
Aug 2019 320 18.26
Sept 2019 322 18.93
Oct 2019 325 19.67
Nov 2019 328 19.76
Dec 2019 330 21.42
Jan 2020 330 22.16
Feb 2020 328 22.83
Mar 2020 326 23.37
April 2020 329 23.91
May 2020 330 24.42
June 2020
Expected DA from July 2020
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  1. Freezing DA is unfortunate. But as you said it will be restored later is big relief. The Dearness Allowance Calculator calculator is really come out very well

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